Grand National

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Cloud, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. Been a big debate at work today regards the Grand National as many ppl are oppossed to it now after today and last year where two horses got put down both years just wondered what everyones views on here were?

    Me I don't really see the issue as it creates a vast amount of jobs horse racing and yes could be seen as cruel to the horse but they are the best looked after horses in the world if they are race horses and it's just unfortunate when these events happen.

    The thing that wound me up most was ppl saying it's cruel yet we slaughter thousands of animals a day for human consumption and although we don't in most countries eat horses I find it strange that ppl can eat a cow then complain about horse racing being cruel whilst eating a burger from an animal raised to be our food.
  2. Good thread Cloud. I really can feel the nation against slaughtering, but still. Flesh is needed for the human body. Growth, recovery, etc.. I can agree on both terms in this one.
  3. I know mate just wound me up ppl at work playing the cruelty to animals card on the national when we work at mcds and slaughter thousands of animals a year. I was like u serious bro?
  4. Yeah it's common knowledge about McD's and how they are getting their meat. Atleast, if the sources I heard are true.
    But if employees are starting to shoot on McD's and their import, why working there in the first place?
  5. Exactly it's stupid.

    And as I work there I tell you a lot of what u hear is utter crap in the UK all our beef is sourced from local English and Irish farmers and is actually decent quality.
  6. Aged animals? If I may ask..
  7. No ur standard age for a cow that should be going to slaughter. In the UK they are obsessed with the image at the min and are constantly campaigning about where all our food is sourced to show ppl that what u hear is just nonsense.
  8. I'm glad. And hungry. :upset:
  9. Yeah pretty much everything u hear is bull crap tbh. We have far more vigorous food standards, food safety standards and hygiene standards than required by law the checks we go through are rigorous.

    And lols I'm starving but not eating this late.
  10. What is more worse for health, fries from a snack house or McD's??
  11. It would depend on the quality of the oil in the snack house and the amount of salt and things they put on there fries tbh. Probably though imo fries from a takeaway and snack house.
  12. How come, that when I ate McD's, I'm hungry in 3 hours?

  13. That I have no answer for mate but I have the same problem haha.

    I suppose it's because despite the calorie content the meal size isn't actually that big if we are honest.
  14. Ah I see, how come that they aren't really calorie filled?
  15. They are thats the thing high calories but lacking in a lot of protein which I suppose is why it's not that filling just tastes good lols.
  16. MAC D'S SECRETS!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. LMAO I've worked there long enough to know them and see the improvement in the quality of the product we now serve to what we did when I first started 12 years ago.
  18. Don't mind horse racing in general, but whipping has to go. There shitty "only whip X amount of time else penalty" worked for 2 weeks, then the racers striked and they gave in like a bunch of idiots.

    Whipping should be banned, racing should stay.
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