Grand Theft Ambrose

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  2. It's my first time watching that scene from RAW. Everything was perfect until he stood there on the stage posing like an absolute tool.
    If somebody sends you to jail under disputable pretenses and you're fired up enough to hijack a police vehicle, you're clearly going over the edge.
    If all this is true, then why would Dean Ambrose walk out of the vehicle, jump on the stage on pose? (I realize WWE needed the pose as a picture for a promotional, but I digress)

    My point: If Ambrose had in his mind that he was willing to go through that, he should gotten out of the vehicle and run to the ring. It's a quirk WWE does over and over and why WWE is so formulaic.

    Edit: Other than that the segment was absolutely perfect.
  3. Pretty funny.
  4. Has Lockard ever been a mark for a wrestler in forum history like he is Ambrose? So random, doesn't seem like Ambrose would be Lock's cup of tea on the surface.
  5. Queen Amblows.
  6. Out of curiosity, does anyone think his Justin Bieber line on Seth Rollins is funny? It's cringey as fuck for me, almost on Cena level.
  7. I'd say my GTA:O character looks more like Ambrose than that. Still good though.
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  8. This video felt pretty cringeworthy, and I actually like both Ambrose and GTA.
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  9. lol wut

    I admit to being a huge mark for the guy, but I don't think I've ever gone over-board with it, especially in the way a lot of internet marks do with their favorites.
  10. I didn't say you went overboard, did I? I'm saying it is interesting IMO, in the like 4 years you've posted here, that you've always been so unbiased and objective in discussing wrestling but of all the guys you are suddenly a really huge Ambrose mark. It is random to me.

    Also, no offense, but that vid was trash :21-1:
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