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  1. Confirmed: Remastered ‘GTA: San Andreas’ Hits Xbox 360 On October 26th

    Wasting little time after word began spreading yesterday that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas might get a re-release on the Xbox 360, Rockstar has officially confirmed the news themselves, revealing that a remastered version of the game is heading to the platform this weekend through Games on Demand.

    Rockstar confirmed the game’s updated release earlier today in response to a user’s support question. In our initial story yesterday, we speculated that the studio would announce the game this coming Sunday, seeing as how October 26, 2014 would mark 10 years since San Andreas first released. We’ll understand if some of you think this is a much better outcome, though.

    As you may have noticed, GTA: San Andreas is no longer available for download as an Xbox Originals title, but you may be willing to let that go since this newer version comes complete with 720p resolution, enhanced draw distance, and a brand new achievement list. If you did, however, buy San Andreas back in the day for the Xbox 360, it’ll still be accessible by you, and playable (even if you deleted it later; check your download history). Unfortunately, your game saves won’t carry over, but think of it as a good excuse to play through CJ’s story all over again.


    Additionally, to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the game, an anniversary weekend event will take place in GTA Online from October 24, 2014 to October 26, 2014. Players will be able to earn Double RP and Double GTA$ by participating in fan made San Andreas Throwback Jobs, acquire exclusive, in-game San Andreas radio station t-shirts, and take advantage of 50% discounts on in-game green clothing, BMX bikes, bandanas and more. It’ll be the perfect way to show your love and support for the Grove Street Families and one of the most beloved games in the Grand Theft Auto series.

    If you’re interested in checking out the many fan created jobs (which include various races and deathmatch jobs) simply access the Featured Playlists on the Grand Theft Auto V launch screen, or the Playlists section in the GTA Online start menu. There are five jobs for both PS3 and Xbox 360 players, so you’re certain to see them all while playing.

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas come to Xbox 360 via Games on Demand on October 26, 2014. You’ll probably want to get through it quickly, of course, since GTAVcomes to Xbox One and PS4 a month later. Chance are, you’ll probably want to jump back into that too.


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  2. Is the game only up for the weekend, or can you get it whenever? I may get XBL again just for this.
  3. I think it'll be up for good I'm pretty sure. Definitely worth getting IMO.
  4. how much paper
  5. Haven't announced yet. Should be cheap I'm pretty sure. No way they'd make it $59.99
  6. They grow up so fast. :please-54:
  7. I have to look but I think I have an old PS2 copy of this game that they wouldn't take as a trade in since it was the early 'hackable' version of the game lol. I think thats what they told me anyway.
  8. Expect the cost to be between $14.99 and $29.99 from what I'm hearing on the rumor mill, would be very surprised if they even tried to charge $39.99+ for this.
  9. $3.74
  10. Downloading it currently.
  11. Oh shit. Started it and the OG theme starts playing.
  12. Vice City>
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  13. Lol $3.74? Can't complain there, that's pretty sweet.
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