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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by catlady, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. What are some great albums worth downloa...errr buying? :pity: :phew:

    I want some uplifting ones. Can't think of anything I want though.
  2. That's not heavy metal... or metal in general is it? :nogusta:
  3. Nah.

  4. This is one of the best albums ever released. No one really knows it though, considering it was very very very early floyd.[video=youtube][/video]

  5. Try this song, it's one of my favorites when I need uplifting.
  6. I believe you will find the spiritual poetry of big Pun to be very inspirational and uplifting

  7. Sound sounds like a combo of Incubus and Red Hot Chilli Peppers....

  8. :mad2:
  9. Can't help you there, 99% of the stuff i listen to is heavy :pity:
  10. [video=youtube][/video]

    ^ this
  11. Gorillaz- Demon Days

    Flogging Molly- Speed of darkness(instant uplift)

    The Streets- Original Pirate Material
  12. What about 3DG - One-X
  13. What do you listen to Brit?
  14. such a good album
  15. You probably won't like the music I listen to
  16. 1.Minus the Bear- Planet of Ice and Minus the Bear - Menos el Oso are both really good albums, everything they did after that is garbage though :downer:
    2.Circa Survive-Juturna and Circa Survive- On Letting Go are great, the two albums after that are good as well, you probably won't like it though since the singer's voice is high :pity:
    3.Thrice- Vheissu and their albums after that are pretty good, the singer incorporates Christian messages into his lyrics as well so you'd probably like that

    That's pretty much all I got in my "soft music" arsenal.
  17. Mainly alternative and 90's music. I like early 2000 rock stuff but more of the newer stuff, its just meh.
  18. Hannah Montana: Best Of Both Worlds
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