Great article on current champions

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. Makes a lot of sense.
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  2. Great read. I agree with it.
  3. I think this sadly is the result of having too many "TV writers" and not enough wrestling writers. The TV writers are so used to writing dramas that they either forget the importance of titles in a universe like the WWE or don't care. If we had a mix of wrestling writers/bookers and TV writers the wrestlin guys could remind the TV guys and the TV guys could help turn the wrestling angles into TV material (I guess).
  4. Yeah, that was something that stood out to me on Raw, the way all the champions jobbed except for the tag team champions. The Dolph Ziggler loss to Swagger really stood out because I figured once Ziggler cashed in MITB, he would have be booked as a credible heel world champion. Not that he would win every match cleanly or never cheat but that he would at least WIN. He's capable of cheating himself, not to mention he has a bodyguard and a conniving girlfriend in his corner as well. But he already goes back to jobbing just one week after winning the title, this time to the most boring guy on the roster. Why are they pushing Swagger? I know JR has been in love with him for awhile, does he really still have so much pull that he's convincing WWE that Swagger can/will be a big star?

    I'm already starting to think (even with just one Raw to judge from thus far) that Ziggler is gonna be turned into a paper champion just like Mysterio in 2006.

    I honestly think part of the lack of care for the midcard titles (excluding the WHC, which is very much a midcard title itself these days) might stem from a lack of creativity having to do with them thinking that if they ever come up with a pretty good angle over a championship, they would rather just save it for one of the world titles instead of wasting it on one of the midcard titles.
  5. I've been saying this over and over, why do the IC and US champions job so much :/ literally they are CHAMPIONS! They're supposed to kick ass, not job to the likes of Randy Orton for no reason at all, it honestly just makes no sense to me whatsoever.
  6. A nice article, indeed the champions job waaay too much these days.
  7. Nice input there Gohan.

    I agree on Dolph losing to Swagger. Who booked that shit?
  8. Swagger wining was great! Figger is a page champion!
  9. This guy acts like none of us know DZ was a jobber before. Yea no shit pal. We're aware.
  10. In my opinion, the titleholders aren't as big a problem as the belts themselves. What do they symbolize? No, being the US Champion doesn't make you "the champion of the United States", it makes you the best of the second-tier wrestlers. It's the Triple-A Baseball Championship. If it really seemed like winning the Intercontinental Championship would do anything to propel you up to play with the big boys the belt would have meaning. Right now it's just floating around random jobbers all the time.

    Granted, there's other things you can do with it. Cody Rhodes talking about "bringing back the prestige of the IC Championship" really helped make him a star back in 2011. Bo Dallas eliminating the IC Championship from the Royal Rumble would have been a big deal had they not decided to just pay that off on NXT and write Bo off TV. (great booking WWE), and all the anti-american heels with the US belt helps them out to an extent.

    I joke about the mid-card belts being a negative right now, but they are treated as such. Ever since Cesaro and Barrett won those belts most weeks on Raw they're jobbing to Cena, or Sheamus, or Orton, or Ryback, or Del Rio. When I was a casual I just thought winning a mid-card belt just halted your progression and kept you out of the Main Event, now I think they're crutches for Creative to have one less feud to write for a PPV (although looking at Sheamus/Henry so far they don't even need crutches). Either way: As a Cesaro fan, why wouldn't you be happy he dropped the US Title? (Says a lot about it, now doesn't it?)

    Look at the way they bring in main-eventers now. Cena debuts, goes right after Kurt Angle. ADR debuts, attacks Rey then goes right after the World Title. Sheamus debuts (WWECW doesn't count), he goes right after the WWE Title. Ryback squashes jobbers, BAM main event. Orton debuted in Evolution. All the main eventers are brought in and immediately associated with main-eventers, the only ones to actually work their way up the card is CM Punk and Cena to an extent, and those are the only two who are catching on right now.

    That's seemingly one of the biggest problems with the mid-card right now is that nobody's ever getting out of it, they're just bumping their head against the glass ceiling. Speaking of bumping; Ziggler. Ziggler's an odd case, he's over as hell despite his jobbing and it feels like he has much more momentum than he has any right to have (granted being around you Ziggler nuthuggers all the time probably has something to do with that). Seems like the only guy Ziggler can beat is Kofi, and that's why Kofi feels like Yoshi Tatsu right now.

    To be more positive: Wins and losses don't mean as much as momentum much of the time with wrestlers, and it's the same with championships. When Rhodes had the IC Belt and Santino had the US belt, which was more prestigious? And with Smackdown no longer being a separate entity what point does the World Title still have being there? And yet it still feels like a world title belt.
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  11. While I do agree champions should be at high regard, I don't think the IC champion nor the US champion should be considered the best of the best. I think if a high card wrestler challenges them, the higher card should go over most of the time. Of course this doesn't mean you should job them out every single week, they should still have a higher wins then losses. Other then that, I agree with this article.
  12. And also, when the midcard champions job, why make them job on a random match against Randy Orton that leads to nothing?
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