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Cruiserweight championship : Neville(c) vs Akira Tozawa

The buildup for this match has been non existent, but the match itself should be pretty good. There is no doubt in my mind that Neville is retaining, because taking the title from him at this point would absolutley destroy this already lackluster division. I really have no idea where they go with the cruiserweights from here. Feels really bad for Neville that he is stuck in such a weak division, especially with A Double gone now. I really hope that this heel run has proved to the higher ups that he deserves to be a vital part of the main roster. Besides none od these wimps are on the Neville level baby. He is the Brock Lesnar of the cruiserweights.

Winner : Neville

Big Cass vs Enzo Amore

I for one am glad that they split these two up. They were becoming so stale as a tag team having matches with Anderson and Gallows every week on Raw. It was always known that Cass was gonna be the star of the two, so he will surley win this match. The only way I see Enzo winning is via DQ. I thought that Enzo's promo on the last Raw was gold, so it sucks that he will just become an afterthought once this feud is finished.

Winner : Big Cass

Intercontinental Championship : The Miz(c) vs Dean Ambrose

I would have really prefered if Miz faced someone else, because MY GOD this feud cant seem to end. There is no reason to give the title back to Ambrose, since he didn't do anything with it. So Miz is winning this, probably via shenanigans. I actually liked their match at Extreme Rules, so I think this will at least be decent.

Winner : Miz

Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins

I actually forgot this was on the PPV, and can you blame me? This is definitely the most uninteresting match on the entire card. Both guys seem to be lost with no clear direction going forward. Why are they even feuding in the first place :emoji_joy:? Wasnt Bray feuding with Balor?? Did we just drop that, and say fck it no one will remember that, lets just pair him up with Rollins because reasons. I think Rollins needs the win more, because Bray is already a lost cause at this point. Match should be ok.

Winner : Rollins

Women's Championship : Alexa Bliss(c) vs Sasha Banks

I don't really like Sasha as a face, so I am hoping that Bliss will retain here. To me she is the most well rounded women in the division. Sure her in ring work still needs work, but what she lacks there she more then makes up for it in other categories. I would actually like it if Mickie James took the title from Bliss at Summerslam. As far as Sasha goes, she has already won the title 3 times and she has nothing new to offer to an already weak division. She desperately needs to turn heel. I don't know why but I am expecting that this match will be very botchy, hopefully it won't.

Winner : Alexa Bliss

Tag Team Championships : Sheamus and Cesaro(c) vs The Hardy Boys - 30 Minute Iron Man Match

Now we are getting to the good stuff. I really enjoyed both of their matches from Payback and Extreme Rules, and this one will probably top both of them. It is really interesting that they gave this type of a stipulation to a tag team match. It certainly adds a breath of fresh air to the division. But what will they do after this? If the Hardys lose, surley they will split up and then we are left with 3 heel teams (Revival, Sheamus and Cesaro, Andesron and Gallows), and with Slater and Rhyno being the only face team. So there might be a possibility that the Hardys will win this match, and go on to Summerslam to drop the titles to the Revival. But in the end I still think that Sheamus and Cesaro should and will go over.

Winner : Sheamus and Cesaro

Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns - Ambulance Match

If someone told me a year ago that I would be looking forward to this match, I would have curb stomped their head off the concrete. But in 1 year Strowman has transformed from what I thought was going to be another generic monster Tensai/Kozlov gimmick to a big time star. This guy feels like a legit monster, and when he is in the ring with Reigns it's definitely something special. These 2 really clicked nicely, and this rivalry can be a big time draw in the upcoming years. Not the biggest fan of Reigns, but I will admit he shows up when he needs to. So yea, I am expecting a really good brawl here, with lots of cool spots. This is definitely the hardest match to predict on the card, but I will go with Strowman.

Winner : Strowman

Universal Championship : Brock Lesnar(c) vs Samoa Joe

Please WWE, you did such a good job with the awesome buildup for this match. DONT SQUASH IT. Give them 20 minutes, and let them tear the house down. Joe deserves that much for the awesome work he has done. Really like the fact that they built Joe up so strong, and even though this was supposed to be a one and done deal, I think that the plans will change. Especially with Lesnar coming out saying that he wants to extend it, which is quite rare of him to say, but it tells you that even he knows that this is pure money. At first I thought Brock is winning 100 %, and while I still belive he is, there is definitley room for a possible suprise.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Overall : This the most excited I have ever been for a Raw exclusive PPV, so hopefully they won't screw it up. The card looks promising with a dream match in it. That being said if the Joe-Lesnar match ends up being squash, I will give this show a DUD.
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