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    A new era of wrestling is beginning. Welcome, everyone. Welcome to...​
    (Thursday Night) Main Event​
    (Sunday Night) Kick-Off​
    January - King of the Ring​
    March - Locked Up​
    May - Slammiversary​
    July - X-Travaganza​
    September - Against All Odds​
    November - Overdrive​
    World Heavyweight Championship (main title)​
    X-Division Championship (main-mid title)​
    Intercontinental Championship (mid-card title)​
    Tag Team Championships (main tag titles)​
    CM Punk​
    John Morrison​
    Drew McIntyre (w/ Roddy Piper)​
    Colt Cabana​
    Curt Hawkins​
    Alex Shelley​
    Christian York​
    Joey Ryan​
    Zema Ion​
    Justin Gabriel​
    Rockstar Spud​
    Oliver Grey​
    Mason Ryan​
    Doug Williams​
    Jimmy Uso​
    Jey Uso​
    "The Menace" Matt Dennis
    Joey Thunder
    Tag Teams:
    The Usos​
    Oliver Grey and Mason Ryan​
    Joey Ryan and Goldust​
    William Regal​
    Todd Keneley​
    So yes, I do want to keep this as realistic as possible.​

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    Placeholder 1. Who are the rookies?

    "The Menace" Matthew Dennis
    Finisher: The Menacer (Spin-out fireman's carry facebuster)
    Signature Moves: Jumping DDT, Running bulldog, elbow strikes

    Finisher: Ice Cold Reception (Jumping cutter)
    Signature Moves: Arctic Plunge (Chokeslam), Subzero Slap (Knife-edged chop)

    Joey Thunder
    Finisher: Thunder Storm (Springboard tornado DDT)
    Signature Moves: Boston Crab, Rolling Thunder,
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    GBW: Thursday Night's Main Event!

    Fireworks are going off, as William Regal and Todd Keneley make their way to the broadcast announcer's table.

    Regal: Welcome everyone, to the first EVER THURSDAY NIGHT MAIN EVENT!

    Keneley: What a day to remember this will be, as the show tonight will feature FOUR championship matches, to crown FOUR new champions!

    Regal: Starting with The Usos taking on Joey Ryan and Goldust for the tag team titles, the action will get even better as Christian York fights Curt Hawkins for the Intercontinental championship.

    Keneley: And then we have an explosive X-Division Ultimate-X match for you all tonight, where Justin Gabriel, Zema Ion and Alex Shelley will go head-to-head as they climb the menacing steel structure to claim gold.

    Regal: And our main event for the evening will be John Morrison vs CM Punk!

    Keneley: What a match that should be. But for now, The Usos vs Joey Ryan and Goldust, everybody.

    Match One: The Usos vs Joey Ryan and Goldust for the Tag Team titles

    Highlight Reel: The tag team of two samoan brothers, Jimmy and Jey Uso, were up against the unlikely duo of Joey Ryan and Goldust, who spent the majority of the match arguing with eachother about tagging in/out. However, they found their mojo once they decided to work together and looked solid against the Samoan superstars, but in the end, The Usos hit a diving double splash to beat Team Sleaze and Dust to win the tag team gold.

    --- Commercial break ---

    Match Two: Christian York vs Rockstar Spud vs "The Menace" Matt Dennis for the Intercontinental Championship

    Highlight Reel: Our second match featured the 36-year-old veteran and former TNA wrestler, Christian York, 5 foot 4 inch Rockstar Spud and homegrown talent Matt Dennis, formerly known as Menacing Matt when he was in our developmental system. All three superstars showed the strength, quickness and intent of a true champion but York came out on top once he hit a Mood Swing on the unsuspecting Rockstar Spud in order to become the first ever GBW Intercontinental Champion.

    --- Commercial break ---

    Match Three: Justin Gabriel vs Zema Ion vs Alex Shelley for the X-Division Championship

    Highlight Reel: With the menacing Ultimate-X structure looming over the ring, this was always going to be a dangerous but exciting match. Justin Gabriel, having absolutely no experience with this type of match, went in looking daring but somewhat out of place alongside Zema Ion and Alex Shelley, two former TNA stars. As they got rid of Gabriel, they took the fight to eachother, opting to climb upon the tall structure instead of the lower, red ropes which led directly to the X-Division championship belt above the ring. With Ion and Shelley trying to make eachother come crashing down to the ringside floor, Gabriel found his opportunity to climb the red ropes but Shelley and Ion, for one solitary second, acted quickly together as they hit a double superkick on the former WWE man to take him out of the equation. With their focuses turning solely on eachother, Shelley was able to hang Ion upside down on the structure to ensure that he had enough time to claim the X-Division championship belt.

    --- Commercial break ---

    Match Four: John Morrison vs CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship

    Highlight Reel: After Morrison came out to a standing ovation, CM Punk came out to the applause of a lifetime. Making it clear that it was "clobbering time!", the Chicago-born superstar came to the ring and Morrison made it clear that he was going to ground n' pound Punk, who can do anything given a nice turn of momentum. However, the Second City Saint wasn't going to have any of that as he brought the fight to the Thursday Night Delight after one swift high knee and a running bulldrop set Punk up for a GTS. After hitting one, he went for a pin. 1... 2... And Morrison kicked out at two! Punk set Morrison up for another GTS, but surprisingly he didn't go for the pin. Instead, he locked in one dangerous submission move; the Anaconda Vise. Morrison, close to tapping out, reached the bottom rope on the left side of the ring but alas, Punk dragged him back into the middle of the ring and locked in the Vise once more and made his adversary tap out. Well played, CM Punk. Well played, GBW's new World Heavyweight Champion.
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