Great Bully Ray Segment on Impact

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Aug 25, 2013.

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  1. This was great. Bully is so much better when there's no Aces and 8s around him, and gains so much more heat it's crazy.

    This new split Aces & 8s of Bully, Brooke, Tito and Taz on 1 side, and the rest on the other side seem good for now.
  2. I have a feeling Anderson will lead the rest of the 'Eights against Bully's half and in the big BFG match, A&8s will implode and MEM will easily destroy them.
  3. After rewatching this... Man, did this leave me optimistic. That was a really good segment. When it came on, yeah I went right to Twitter to read tweets as with most of these segments and ripped it in the thread because it's fun, but... I actually found myself able to pay a little attention to this one live.. And oh boy is it great to actually listen to what Bully has to say again. :yay:

    Maybe it's just because Devon's gone and Anderson may be on his way out and they're creating a backup plan, but Bully's new mini-faction works really well! Him being a dick + his incredibly hot lady friend making you so damn jealous + and his personal MMA bodyguard making him look like a douche... This shouldn't work as well as it is, lord knows there's plenty of times recently where either company has tried similar things (Ziggler/Big E/AJ comes to mind) but... this is somehow great. Even with Tito involved. *pukes*

    Think it's because this wasn't about "club business, brother" or him bickering with Taz, or whatever else he's been doing lately I can't even remember... This was just Bully being a dick. And it was glorious. The Brooke feud is done with this great payoff, and TNA can't even pretend like the Aces and Eights can continue if they don't resign Anderson. So, hopefully, Bully won't be held down with all this bullshit; and we can enjoy the best heel in wrestling today salvage what he can from this main event run and make AJ's redemption that much sweeter.

    And thank God that'll be the last time we hear Brooke Hogan's atrocious theme song. Good riddance.
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