Great introduction for CM Punk

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Greatest introduction for the Great CM PUNK!
  2. Lol how recent was this?

    He's no where near as good as Miz on these shows.
  3. This was the night after I think, Vengeance?
  4. Quite far back then. The interviewer was poor.
  5. That wasn't even like an interview, it was like CM Punk talking to himself.
  6. So true. He done well under the circumstances.
  7. You should've seen one with Randy Orton, she had more botches in the interview than Sin Cara's career.
  8. Lmao oh dear. Orton isn't exactly Mr Charismatic either, does anyone match Miz with interviews? Cena maybe?
  9. Orton had some decent interviews, I think a funny one was when he said that Kelly Kelly sleeps with all Superstars.

    As for Cena, I liked this interview.

  10. Back in the day Cena interview right there lmao :emoji_wink:.

    That Orton one was frowned upon by WWE lol, he had to publicly apologize.
  11. He had this interview which was pretty good 1 month ago.
  12. Yeah he's pretty good at interviews, I saw him on Sky Sports.
  13. only pic..whers the video??

    google :emoji_wink:
  14. Click the picture it then shows the youtube video if thats what you meant.
  15. LOL! What Seabs said, Click the Picture.