Great Khali has brain surgery

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 27, 2012.

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  2. Interesting read, Stopspot, very good to see that they were able to cure this issue before it got too serious.

    Miracles happen every day, they just don't make the news.
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  3. Fun fact: Big Show had the same thing but had his removed during his mid teens, otherwise he would have possibly been bigger than André.
  4. That fact is very fun. ^


    Good to see that Khali is OK and he has had a successful surgury.
  5. I'm happy for him. Hope he recovers soon! (Even if I hate him...)
  6. :haha: sometimes you forget that wrestler are actual people. glad it was successful
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  7. Wow first ive heard of this glad the surgery went well but Khali really shouldnt return to WWE he isnt cut out to be a wrestler
  8. Glad he's okay, though I'm not glad he'll be on TV in the near future.
  9. I hope he gets well soon
  10. And I always wondered why he was so dumbbb....:hmm:
  11. He will return and talk just like damien sandown :haha:
  12. JP but good thing it was successful!
  13. Good for his health, but please.... Khali.... Take up basketball and do t wrestle anymore.... Your not watxhable

  14. Judging by that spelling you might need brain surgery too! #boom
  15. Crayo just dropped a :pipebomb:
  16. Lol.... Funk u autocorrect!!!!!

    Stop fixing my swear words u piece of shut!!!

  17. Nice to know Khali is OK.

  18. :gtfo:
  19. Great to see that the surgery went successful, as much as I hate him as a wrestler, it's great to hear that he had it removed and will be ok.
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