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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. I get to work Monday night :win:

    I will get to watch Raw when I get home commercial/bullshit free.

    lol @ all you fags watching it live. Enjoy your suffering

  2. When I have College I get to wait until the weekend to watch it, NOW ENVY ME MOTHERF*CKER!
  3. Note to self, PM Dolph's the results.
  4. I guess I'll just have to ignore your PMs like always
  5. Note to self, remind Seabs to PM Dolph's the results.

    Better do it damnit.
  6. I'm watching tomorrow as well I think, adverts just stress me.

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  8. You're missing Monday Night RAW? Why would we envy you?
  9. Oh so envious. You would not believe the green tint to my skin because of the extreme envy I feel towards you at this exact moment.
  10. Another week, another D'Z does raw review.
  11. Holy shit, we'll actually get an HQ thread on Tuesday.
  12. Some weeks I look forward to D'Z's review almost as much as Raw itself...... OK, more than Raw itself.
  13. I watch Raw the next day online and it skips all the commercials so thats a win for me
  14. :haha: bitch please
  15. LOL :haha:
  16. His threads annoy me with the ridiculous amount of pictures, mainly because others copied it. Plus the negative tone, which became a gimmick. Off topic but true story, I know you all cared about it.
  17. I can't help that people want to bite my style. I also can't help that I dislike most of what happens in the WWE, but it doesn't make it a gimmick.
  18. It wasn't a shot at you tbh, more the style which lost its individuality. Not your fault of course, I'll admit the WWE do give people a lot of negative aspects however most who use the image heavy review style tend to emphasise on it just to fit in "teh lulz" pics. Just an observation based upon the majority who use that style, I'd quiet like to see you do a semi serious review tbh, then again I'm in the minority.
  19. Did you read my Raw 1000 review?
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