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  2. I lol'd @ great, but I guess these probably do qualify as 'great' for TNA.
  3. It was a ppv style card on live tv, im glad things worked out well. Hopefully they can keep it there/get better.
  4. Makes sense, given the hype.
  5. Just saw that TNA had the best "social media score" for an Impact broadcast ever, and the ratings were good too.

    So, TNA did something to please the IWC with this X-Division show. They got buzzing over Twitter and whatnot, which caused casuals and the "other part" of the smarks (ya know, all the mouthbreathers who crap on TNA at every opportunity even though they haven't watched the show in 3 years) to tune in. You can't tell us that we don't matter. Maybe not as much as building a show with a hot main event + giving it a PPV-quality feel going in, but you ddi that too. And also throw some praise at WWE for giving wrestling as a whole a ton of buzz via Daniel Bryan, that definitely had something to do with this.

    Also Jeremy Borash = Ratings.
  6. Taz not being there had to help out a lot,his commentary really makes TNA unbearable to listen to sometimes. Nevertheless it was a great show and it deserved good ratings.
  7. Good for TNA. It's decent ratings for them.
  8. Q1: Impact opened with a 1.16 rating for Bully Ray calling out Brooke Hogan, Bobby Roode backstage, and one commercial.

    Q2: Impact nosedived to a show-low 1.03 rating for the majority of Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries in a BFG Series match, plus one commercial.

    Q3: Impact rebounded to a 1.14 rating for the end of Roode-Aries, Chavo and Hernandez backstage, one commercial, Aces & Eights backstage, and Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Homicide in a three way.

    Q4: Impact increased to a 1.16 rating for Kenny King vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Manik in a three way, Hulk Hogan and Chris Sabin backstage, and two commercial breaks.

    Q5: Impact increased to a 1.23 rating for the in-ring/backstage segment between the Main Event Mafia and Aces & Eights, plus one commercial.

    Q6: Impact dipped to a 1.18 rating for Rubix vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Greg Marasciulo in a three way, Bully Ray backstage, one commercial, and Gail Kim confronting Mickie James.

    Q7: Impact increased to a 1.25 rating for Aries and Sabin backstage, one commercial, AJ Styles backstage, and the first-half of Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin for the TNA World Title.

    Q8: Impact peaked to a show-high 1.31 rating for the second-half of Bully-Sabin, plus one mid-match commercial.
  9. Very good for TNA; kudos. Glad to hear it went well, as they certainly deserved it.
  10. Great for TNA, hope they have more shows with this ratings
  11. So the average fuck head watching Impact doesn't give two squirts of shit about Aries/Roode.

    I give up.
  12. Good to hear that TNA's ratings are improving, due to the amount of talent that parted ways with them this recent week was shocking.
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