Great video of Ronda Rousey

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Roi, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. :obama:
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  2. Dat Armbar:fap:
  3. HOT? no. She is the real thing, someone to deal with, and i couldnt be paid to touch that puss.
  4. OMG!! Love the way she changed that position to the armbar.

    She's also hot
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  5. What about when she broke the opponets arm :phew:
  6. OMG, I love this sport just because of things like this, the risks and the pain. Love all that moments, I am an addict to everything of these.
    I remember one day watching UFC a man going to fight with the face fully covered with bruises, I love that guy, he was brave.
  7. Well sometimes , when they have serious injuries you are like :nogusta: that was sick ! But I love the techinal moves . Loved the way Ronda turned an attack to an armbar 7-0 baby!.
    And shes hot (outside the octagon). Check out my signature :pity:
  8. Yeah man, have you seen the photo-shoot video ESPN has online?

    Well, sometimes you're like "LOL, serious, are you gonna fight?". Yeah, I love the technical moves, also I love the submission techniques like the Kimura Lock
  9. I took the pics from there.

    Judo .. All come from judo

    She won a bronze medal at beejing 2008 :obama:
  10. Judo is the best =). Also JiuJitsu.

    Really? She did it? Wow, impressed about her power. Think I'll be a great fan of her
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