Greatest Car Promos ever!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. I figured I'd try something different here, so here are the greatest car (and motorbike), skits of all time in the WWE.

    (Orton was soo pissed in the first video. I faintly remember watching it on TV.
  2. Got to love Kurt.​
  3. not quite a car but omfg

  4. Man the second one you posted @[RKO] really makes me miss JBL :emoji_slight_frown:
  5. Lmao wow. Angle is so funny. Undertaker was a badadd. I was really diggin' that Titan bike though.

    Yeah, JBL had mad talent. He was spectacular on mic as well. What ever happened to him, endeavoured?
  6. He messed up his back I think so he retired.
  7. JBL epic heel

    plus i loved the APA!
  8. APA? @[Cloud]?

  9. That's the APA, Bradshaw and Farooq. They teamed during the AE until Bradshaw became JBL.​
  10. APA were hilarious.
  11. JBL should be commentating in the announce booth

    JBL >>> Lawler
  12. Oh, I remember watching that. I just couldn't think of who APA was.
  13. Repped!!!
  14. WWE needs to replace Lawler with Joey Styles. Styles and Cole = fantasy announcers. If styles can't come back, then HBK should replace him.
  15. Why Cole? He's horrible imo. I agree with Joey Styles however.
  16. Wouldn't want HBK on commentary if I'm honest.

    My dream RAW line-up is:

    -Cole (heel)
    -JBL (tweener)
    -Stanford (face, play by play)


    -Regal (heel)
    -Matthews (face, play by play)
    -Booker (tweener like he is now)
  17. Cole is the best ring announcer currently besides Josh Matthews. Like I said. But if Cole was gone too, I'd choose HBK and Joey Styles.
  18. To be honest I'm a big fan of cole too. If he wasn't play-by-play he'd be liked a lot more. He's quick on his feet, funny jokes (sometimes). Would be a good heel without being play-by-play. I'd love for him to have interactions with Stanford & Regal. Look at SD commentary, it's sop funny because Cole, Matthews & Booker are epic together and Matthews is play-by-play.
  19. Who is Stanford anyway @[Crayo]?
  20. Scott Stanford, do you watch ZTLIS? It's sad that i have to use Zack Ryders YouTube show to actually show you his good sides. He had some gold commentary on NXT with Punk.