Greatest classic match in history

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. At this time, wrestling wasn't fake at all. Blood was real, injuries were real, skills were real, charisma was real, Pride was real... Matches were real!

    It was Roddy Piper vs. Greg Valentine in probably the most brutal dog collar match in wrestling today. Roddy showed a great deal of charisma and pride. Piper probably had the most pride in history.

    During the match, Valentine used the chain, and cuffed Piper in the ear, actually breaking Piper's ear drum, and causing his equilibrium to be completely thrown off. It was a bloody disaster, but Piper had a great ammount of Pride and Charisma in this matchup.

  2. Damn that match was more brutal than any AE match I've seen.
  3. Greatest classic match? It's decent but far from the greatest imo.
  4. I like Owen vs Bret at Wrestlemania
  5. Nah, I actually think HBK vs Janetty was better than Dragon vs Macho man. That's just my opinion though @[seabs]

    What year was this match?

  6. meh...

    but anyways, anything involving Steamboat, Flair, Savage, Roberts, or Michaels were classics.
  7. IMO, Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant.
  8. That's the most iconic match probably, but that match sucked.
  9. Rock vs Hogan I
    Rock vs Hogan II
    Hogan vs Andre the Giant
    Undertaker vs Giant Gonzalez
    Undertaker vs Kane I
    Stone Cold vs Rock (Wrestlemania)
    Rock vs Goldberg (Wrestlemania)
    Hogan vs Sting
    Hogan vs Piper
    Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior
    Owen vs Bret (Wrestlemania)
    Flair vs Hogan
    Taker vs Micheals
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