Greatest example of a sellout referee

Discussion in 'Sports' started by PSachkovsky, Apr 9, 2013.

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  2. Enforcing the games rules??
  3. 'Enforcing the rules' my ass. The same shit happened even in the 3rd penalty attempt, and yet he didn't tell the referee to make another penalty. And if that's the case, than how come he remembered to blow the whistle only when the GK stopped the ball? Shouldn't he be whistling the moment he saw the violation?

    And yet the 3rd time suddenly 'he turns a blind eye' to the violation???
  4. Wait I don't get it... the goalie can't move until the ball is kicked?
  5. No he enforced the rules correctly.

    The decision was a penalty to the attacking team.

    The keeper came off his line twice, this is not allowed as this gives the keeper an unfair advantage, ref was right to call for the retake.

    So the fact the keeper comes off his line a third time and the goal goes in is irrelevant.

    You actually expect the referee to penalise the penalty taker (and make HIM retake it a third time) because the goal keeper broke the rules again?

    He chose to come off his line a third time just this time it didn't work. Tough.


    The 'violation' of which you speak was made my the defending team. Can't then penalise the attacking team for that. Penalty goal stands and rightly so.
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  6. Exactly this. Why would you want it to be penalised when you score?
  7. Cech did the same thing no whistle...


    Same thing with Iker Casillas

  8. These saves are no way as bad as the 1st video. Also refs and linesman are incompetent we know this.. Not all have the balls to give the re take.

    Cech save for example in my eyes was fine. He didn't blatantly step out 2-3yards. There is good goal keeping then there is taking the piss.
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