Greatest examples of carrying someone to a solid match

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Dec 30, 2012.

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  1. We've all mentioned a wrestlers ability to carry someone to a match where it's not a colossal train wreck but can anyone provide some examples? I know it sounds odd but I tend to enjoy these kind of matches as you can see the quality of a certain wrestler.

    I've got Flair vs Batista on a Raw from before WM 21, flair sold like a mad man to make that match work.
  2. Michaels vs Hogan in '05. Hogan was way beyond the point of being able to work a match never mind a half an hour one, and despite the overselling, Shawn made that match watchable.
  3. Benoit-Viscera had a pretty decent match on Raw in January of 2005. Match wasn't but a few minutes long since it was a Beat The Clock match during the build to the NYR elimination chamber match, but it was surprising how good it was considering Viscera was in it. Could kinda see that Benoit could have gotten an even better match out of him if it had been longer.

    I think Triple H/Great Khali had a pretty good match at one of the Summerslams. I saw it on Youtube, but don't remember which one.
  4. Also, how could I forgot DDP/Goldberg at Halloween Havoc. Goldberg got carried to his greatest match ever.
  5. Kane and Big Show led Carlito and Gaysters to a pretty good match at WM22.
  6. Bret leading Bulldog through their Summerslam IC title match. According to Bret's book Davey forgot all the spots they had woked on, so Bret had to call the match on the fly.
  7. I hear a lot that John Cena carried Khali to an actually good/average bouts in one of their PPV matches. I myself never checked it out because I have plenty of matches to watch and ones involving Khali rank very low on my list but it may be worth checking out.
  8. It's noted that SCSA carried Angle during his first few matches. Obviously Angle turned out to be amazing.
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