Greatest face wrestler of all time

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  1. Who do you think was/is the greatest face of all time? The only criteria is that they could NEVER have been a heel, EVER in WWE.

    My choice has to be Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat. He went up against all the heels at the time and put on great matches with all of them. It's amazing to me that he was also never a heel anywhere else he wrestled. He's also involved in arguably the best match ever at WMIII.

  2. Faces that were never faces in WWE?

    uh, Sting I guess?
  3. :lol1: Fuck me....fixed
  4. Rey Mysterio or Bruno Sammartino?
  5. True, Steamboat, Mysterio and Sammartino were never heels in the WWE.
  6. Ultimate Warrior
  7. Hulk Hogan.
  8. Was a heel on his return to the company with the nWo.
  9. Hogan started off originally as a heel when Poppa Vince brought him to WWE. He was also a heel in his WWE NWO run, even though he was ultimately turned face by the crowd during that same run.
  10. He was a heel when he came back with the nWo.
  11. Totally forgot about the nWo in WWE, never knew about him starting off as a heel tho.
  12. It really limits the options when the criteria is that they could have never been a heel in the WWE ever. Otherwise, I would say Hogan as well. One on the greatest faces and heels ever. As much as I'm not fan of him, he truly is top contender for GOAT.
  13. is scsa elligible as far as i rememeber apart from the fail heel turn at wm17 he was always a face
  14. mysterio.
  15. He was a heel when he was the Ringmaster. It's a tough question cause there aren't that many to choose from.
  16. You don't remember he was also a heel as Stone Cold up until the I Quit match at WM13? That double turn was the big ending of that match.
  17. Sin Cara
  18. Rey Mysterio
    Ricky Steamboat
    Ultimate Warrior
  19. Everyone already chose the wrestlers I chose...
  20. Hacksaw Jim Duggan :dawg:
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