Greatest Heel Turns

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  1. What is the greatest heel turn of all time?

    In my opinion its Stone Cold's at Mania 17, It was such a brilliant moment, He got the win in such a vicious way with the chair, the shaking hands with McMahon, he flipped off the crowd, sharing a beer with McMahona and the way JR called it was fantastic.
  2. cm punk at raw 1000 was a good turn imo
  3. Tie: Shawn super kicking Marty, Rock at SS 98, and The Bret turn against SCSA
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  4. Mark Henry's fake retirement is the GOAT.
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  5. The Rock in 2003.

    His heel run as Hollywood Rock is my favorite heel ever.
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  6. Shawn Michaels super kicking Marty Jannetty and throwing him through the barber shop window is pretty iconic. Bobby Heenan's commentary while it happened was gold, too.

    Bret Hart's heel turn in 1997 was something special. His heel promo the night after Wrestlemania 13 was the best promo he ever cut and it was great seeing it followed up by a classic beat down on Shawn Michaels. It was also cool seeing him reunite with people that he had been feuding with for the past 2-3 years prior (his brother Owen, his brother-in-law British Bulldog and his old partner Jim Neidhart) to form The Hart Foundation. It was also rather unique the way Bret was hated in America but still loved everywhere else in the world, and the way that beget the USA/Canada feud.

    One turn that has to be mentioned is Vince McMahon in the late 90's. McMahon had always been the friendly face of the WWF going all the way back to when he worked as a commentator even while his dad still ran the company. He was the voice of the WWF that would present the product to you with a smile and he did color commentary for years, from the days of the WWWF to the 80's boom when he and Jesse Ventura would host Saturday Night's Main Event to when he and others were the regular broadcast team for all the shows in the mid-90's. To see a guy like that give the "Bret Screwed Bret" speech was one thing. People just saw that as him doing damage control to justify his actions in Montreal. But when JR asked him a couple of weeks before Wrestlemania XIV whether he wanted Austin to become champion and he responded "It's not just a no, but a OH HELL NO! And that's the bottom line, because Vince McMahon said so.", it took everybody by surprise. Fast forward to a week after Austin becomes champ at Mania, and the Austin/McMahon feud officially begins. Little did anyone know just what kind of impact it would have and that McMahon had it in him to become the greatest heel of all time IMO.
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  7. Fucking Mach was so incredible. It's sad he's not usually mentioned in the top 3 on most peoples list. The guy had it all.
  8. Always will be Austin at X-Seven.
  9. I fucking hated Austin's WM 17 heel turn. It was trash IMO. Swerve just for the sake of swerving.

    Pro tip: Don't turn the badass redneck Texan heel in front of 75k people in Houston. They didn't give a shit he cheated, they were happy he won. It killed the moment.
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  10. Why should the crowd reaction matter? I'd say the viewer reaction matters more.
  11. Stone Cold was already a rule breaker and him doing the stuff on Wrestlemania honestly didn't stop the mark in me for cheering for him. I think Stone Cold's heel turn was meh, and just Stone Cold with a twist of McMahon.

    One that should be on here in my opinion is Hogan's nWo heel turn. It's obvious, but still. Taking the children's hero like Hulk Hogan and turning him was a great move in WCW's part.

    Another would be Bob Backlund....or Mister Backlund was something that was pretty interesting too.

    Rocky Maiva, or The Rock joining the Nation of Domination wasn't really a huge heel turn, but it made a lot more interesting, and he had much better mic skills at that point at The Rock character began to form then.
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  12. I was gonna mention this since it is so obviously the GOAT heel turn but I was sticking with strictly WWF/E examples only. I love how Hogan gave his heel promo where he explained himself right then and there instead of just waiting the next night to do it. I also love the visual of the ring brimming with garbage while he spoke. And while it's unfortunately been edited off almost all video clips of BATB '96, some fan actually jumped over the guardrail and tried to go after Hogan in mark rage too, but security pulled him out. They should have left that part in, it makes the moment feel even more real and awesome.

    I also agree with anyone who says that Austin's heel turn was retarded. The moment and idea itself was kind of awesome but Austin was still a red hot babyface and the whole thing just leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you know how disappointing his heel run was afterwards. They could have booked the same exact match with Austin pummeling The Rock with a steel chair like twenty times without adding in Vince's involvement. The WM X-7 ending would be more epic to look back on nowadays.
  13. That heel turn was worth it for the McMahon/Angle/Austin segments that followed. Probably the times I laughed the most watching wrestling. Almost made the failed invasion storyline worthwhile.
  14. I remember watching that PPV and being a HUGE SCSA mark, and my uncle loved The Rock. I do remember feeling like SC was a traitor at the time ( was full on mark mode) and started siding with The Rock. In retrospect, I think it's dumb. At the time though, I ate that shit up.
  15. I've seen a quote from SCSA saying you do everything the same except when he shakes hands with Austin he locks in the handshake, gives the kick to the gut and stuns his ass. Would have gotten a monster popped and SCSA still is babyface by having just outsmarted the top heel into helping him out.
  16. I can confirm he says this in the most recent documentary on stone cold. You can view it on netflix.
  17. OK then yea that's where I heard it because I remember watching that documentary. Good look at Austin's career from his perspective
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  18. I'll concede that those segments were pretty fun to watch, especially with the way the whole thing developed from a comedic sort of relationship between Austin and Angle to a serious feud built around hatred and jealousy. It really showed the range that Austin possessed to be able to add comedy to his repertoire of things he can do really well.

    I remember him saying this in his book. I don't think he was being literal when he says they should have played it the same except that he stunners Vince instead of sharing a beer with him because that would have still looked bad on Austin to have to rely on his #1 nemesis to help him win the most important match of his career. It was likely just his way of stating he knew at that moment when he and Vince shook hands and the place was still erupting in cheers that the heel turn probably wasn't going to work and so he'd have been better off just stunnering him but it was too late.
  19. Scott Steiner having no sympy for Rick Steiner blaming him for being the fat of the Steiner bros
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