greatest heel wrestler of all time

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gav back in the championship, Jan 13, 2013.

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  1. using the same criteria as sehor perfects thread on the greatest face who is the greatest heel of all time? they must of been heel throughout there time in wwe/wwf

    Tbh i cant name anyone myself its tough what about you guys
  2. Ted DiBiase Sr. Million Dollar Man was fantastic, never a face
  3. Gonna go with Dibiase Sr.
  4. Big E Langston
  5. gotta go with the great one HHH, his heel days were the best
  6. lol'd.

    Vince McMahon
    so many more.
  7. '' they must have been heel throughout there time in wwe/wwf''
  8. RRP :obama:

    People HATED him.
  9. inb4 somone else doesn't read rules.
  10. Piper WWF - Check
    Vince - Check
    Flair - Check (Although I was mentioning Horsemen, there still is Evolution)
  11. Yeahhhh because vince going against heel punk is heel and all. And Vince making dolph defend MITB contract against cena through vicky isn't face either....
  12. Bruh, pretty sure the OP meant to list your favorite heels who were heels during their entire WWE/F career.

    ''using the same criteria as sehor perfects thread''
  13. Vince was still heel pretty sure.
  14. Anyways, I can't think of any life long heels. Was georgous george a lifetime heel?
  15. Was The Iron Shiek ever face in WWE? :Hmm:
  16. Bobby the brain Heenan manager or not. Commentary or not. Wrestler or not one of the best heels ever

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  17. Flair was a face in his late years (07-08) wasn't he? And Vince has turned face and heel sooo many times. Going with DiBiase Sr., the Million Dollar Man was an excellent, excellent heel.
  18. In my opinion, if any of newcoming wrestlers starting as a heel, then the current heel wrestlers (such as Dolph Ziggler, Antonio Cesaro, Tensai and etc.) would turn face because the heels are too many than the faces.
  19. CM Punk

    If CM Punk as a heel will be "Worst In The World", and the "Best In The World" will only be face.
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