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  1. I think the best match would be WWE VS WCW at survivor series.

    It changed wrestling entirely.
  2. Randy Savage v Ricky Steamboat will have something to say about that. That match was extraordinary.
  3. The fingerpoke of doom for sure. Top quality reforming of the NWO there.
  4. I would have to say Lesnar VS Big Show would be the greatest match ever! Watch the video below.
  5. @RkO I would have never expected the ring to collapse.

    That was the best part of the match really.
  6. That big show match wasn't really the greatest match. It had a big moment in the ring collapsing, but no where near the greatest match ever.
  7. Yeah, but the colapse is what made it so great. The greatest match ever would have to be HHH vs Taker at Wrestlemania probably. Old scjool wise, it would be Hogan vs Andre.
  8. Noooo. That match is so overrated. How can people compare that match to HBK vs Taker the previous Mania?
  9. Hogan vs Andre was nothing without the body slam spot imo. If you want to see a better old school match watch Savage steamboat or Warrior Savage from mania 7 the emotion in that match is really high.
  10. Because HBL got destroyed hands down. While HHH was an inch away from victory. He had the sledge hammer in his hand, but refused to hit Taker with it, which costed him the match, that's why it's sooo much better than HBK's match with Taker previously.
  11. Shawn was the closest ever, super-kicking non stop. It was great. HHH stole the spotlight from Taker's match, and it absolutely sucks.

    HBK vs Taker as a match though was so good. Technically amazing. Emotionally amazing. Just perfect.
  12. Ahhhh Crayola has a man crush on HBK :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. Hell yeah!!
  14. I wouldn't say that. The storyline was a mess and the match was predictable.
    I think it's too hard to decide what's the best match of all time.
  15. Wrestling wise both of the HBK vs Taker matches are better imo, but the story told in the HHH vs Taker match was still fantastic.