Greatest Match You Have Ever Watched Live

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Those matches that aren't really the same watching on replay or when you know the result. The unpredictable and great matches.

    Undertaker Vs HBK Mania 25. It was really just jaw dropping and unpredictable, every near fall, every moment it was just an amazing thing to watch.
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  2. The first thing that comes to mind is HBK vs Ric Flair for Flairs career.
  3. Wrestlemania X-Seven, Rock vs Austin, and TLC 2.
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  4. Probably

    HHH vs Taker WM 28 - Even if I knew Taker would win, it was awesome to watch live, the moment HBK superkicked Taker was freaking nuts!
  5. Wrestlemania 7
  6. Sting vs Hogan
  7. I came in here to post Rock/Austin at X-Seven. The emotional investment in that match was absolutely amazing. A lot of people talk about Austin's heel turn being a mistake, but most of us didn't really know for sure it was a heel turn until the next night on Raw. At the time, I thought it was simply a (very in-character) move to remind us all "Don't Trust Anyone" and that Austin would literally do anything to become WWE Champion.

    Also, there was the "in the back of your mind" thought that somehow the WCW purchase might play a role in that match. I don't know that anybody was sure of what might or might not happen. It was just amazing.

  8. You were at Houston for X Seven too? Cause the thread title is live.
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  9. Punk vs Lesnar is number 1 with a bullet in my book
  10. Yep. Hell, I lived 40 miles away at that point, so I figured why the hell not.

  11. If you still did, you'd probably be able to get Reality of Wrestling.
  12. Do they still perform in Pasadena? Because I was born in Pasadena.

  13. I believe so. I'm pretty sure they're mainly at Clear Lake City Recreation Center though since it's right up in Booker and Sharmell's alley
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  14. JBL vs The Big Show.... House show in Hampton, VA at the Hampton Coliseum in 97 or 98... can't remember... JBL and Show were both bloodied pretty good by the end of the match.
  15. OP clearly meant live as in watched it live, not having to have been there in person.
  16. Noticed that afterwards, guess it could go the same way.
  17. Actually, that's how I took it. But I stand by my statement.

  18. Rock/Hogan WM X-8 for atmosphere.
    Brian Danielson/Tyler black vs the American wolves ROH house show for technical.
  19. Zayn Vs Cesaro NXT Arrival.

    Okay, knee jerk but it was so good.
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  20. You were like 10. You watched that live? That's around when i started too age wise. wm 15 was my first
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