Greatest modern pure WWE creation

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Aug 31, 2015.

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  1. Let's have a discussion. But what do I mean with this?

    With WWE creation I mean guys who did not come in with an independent/international pedigree. Talent that has been trained from the ground up in the WWE system. With mdoern I mean guys from the FCW era and onward, no Lesnars, no Cenas, no Ortons or Batistas.

    So, who do you think is the WWE's modern developmental systems greatest creation so far?

    For me: Big E. He has it all, he has charisma, he's funny, he's entertaining, can talk, can act decently and he can go in the ring.

    Who's yours?
  2. Bray Wyatt all the way. They just keep burying him for some reason.
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  3. Tyler Breeze is one of the best homegrown talents they've had come out of their system, in my opinion. Aiden English has also came a long way since his FCW days, but I wouldn't say he's one of the best WWE creations.
  4. Breeze isn't a pure WWE product tho, he's trained by Lance Storm.
  5. Don't know about most backstories but what about Ziggler?
  6. Does not count. He is from before the FCW system went into effect. He was trained in OVW.
  7. Bray Wyatt.
  8. I've had a quick Google around to see who comes under the criteria and yeah its Bray comfortably he's incredible agile for a big man, has a very unique look and his character work is phenomenal. On paper the Bray Wyatt gimmick is pretty out there (cult leader who lives in a swamp talks about aa woman a lot and walks weird) but he pulls it off through his presence and the small details.
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  9. Bray Wyatt. I like me some Big E, too, tho.
  10. I still say Titus O'Neil is a future World Champion and I think Xavier Woods ends up having a tremendous career (although he's probably out due to his past in TNA).

    But, by current data, I gotta go with Bray, Roman Reigns, or Charlotte. The family connections don't hurt, though.

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  11. I don't think X-Woods will have a bad career due to his past with TNA, but he can definitely kiss the ME of WrestleMania goodbye. Read: CM Punk
  12. I wasn't saying he'll have a bad career. I meant that he's not a "pure WWE creation" due to his past.

    And I see your point on the Mania ME, but I don't know that HHH will have the same blind spots VKM has.

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  13. What are you saying, HHH will take over someday? VKM says LOL, because he'll outlive us all. :psycho:
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  14. I know I said Bray, and I'm sticking to it but shoutout to da big guy :happy:
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