Greatest NFL coach of all time?

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    Had this discussion with my dad and his friend over a great dinner at my local bar and grill. Great chicken. Anyway, who is the greatest NFL coach of all time in your opinion? Now, this might be unpopular, but Don Shula. He lead the Dolphins to two Super Bowls and the only perfect season of all time. All time leader in wins (348). Winning record against every coach he played expect one. We also can't forget he lead 4 different QBs to the Bowl. So, who is yours?
  2. Madden, because his name is on video games.
  3. I was coming here expecting you to say Mike Dikta for some reason...ruining my fucking Saints! :angry:
  4. Don't act like you're the only Saints fan here :finger:
  5. Okay, our Saints? :sad:
  6. Fine :tough: But I'll be the gold, you can be the black.
  7. Aren't
  8. MURICA! :jesse:
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  9. Can I say Marv Levy? :dawg:Uh I never really thought about who I considered to be a great coach. I could go with Billichick, but not a fan of dirty coaches. Obvious answers of Lombardi and Madden, but I'll pick Bill Walsh.
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  10. Dirty coaches? Never did anything dirty, recording from the sideline was legal until the 06 season. The Bills probably did it as well. I do like the Bill Walsh choice, Madden and Lombardi are really overrated.
  11. As a Bills fan my view of Billichick is going to be biased lol. Idk, I guess dirty was the wrong word but guys like him that are super aggressive and take whatever chances they can to win. I just remember reading about during one of the superbowls Billichick was in, the Pats were about to punt and the opposing teams players were getting off the field so he rushed his guys on and told them to punt it super fast so the other team got a flag for too many players on the field. Doesn't do many illegal things, just does a lot of scheming shit hahah. But yea, I pick Walsh.
  12. Call me crazy, but I would love to have that kind of coach. Lmao.
  13. I would too hahah but looking at it as a fan and someone who hates dirty players, I hate guys like him. Coach or not he's just an evil man.
  14. At least he isn't the Redskins owner.
  15. Or Jerry Jones.
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  16. Vince Lombardi- greatest coach of all time.
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  17. Get the fuck out da here with that bs.
  18. No. My opinion. I'll stick to it. My runner up would be Parcells.
  19. You are really trying to piss me off with this, eh?