Greatest rivalries in wrestling

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jul 25, 2014.

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  1. What are in your opinion some of the best rivalries in wrestling? It can be any of the big companies for simplicities sake.

    In no particular order for me:
    Undertaker vs Mankind
    Austin vs McMahon
    ROH vs CZW
    Steen vs Generico
  2. Orton vs HHH
    Orton vs McMahons
    Orton vs Cristian
  3. Hart/Michaels
  4. Austin vs McMahon
    Austin vs The Rock
    Rock vs Triple H
    Undertaker vs Mankind
    WCW vs NWO (which includes any rivalry that took place throughout the entire angle, such as Sting vs The NWO, DDP vs Savage, Outsiders vs Steiners, etc.)
    Hogan vs Savage (although I'm thinking of the Mega Powers angle in general, not just after they had broken apart)
    Austin vs Bret
    Cena vs Edge

    I guess Bret vs Michaels deserves a honorable mention, but I never really cared for it, honestly. Their Iron Man match at Wrestlemania 12 is near the top of my list for the Most Overrated Matches In WWE History.
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  5. Hogan vs Sting
  6. in TNA of course^^
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  7. Dixie vs Hogan. Wait Dolph'sZiggler already did the TNA joke? Also CM GOAT vs ROH.
  8. Mankind/Rock

    Hardy Boys/Christian and Edge

    DX/Nation of Domination

    Noticed how not one person has listed a Cena feud yet :lol1:

    EDIT: Shoot, Lock's got one, nevermind :okay:
  9. Cena vs Rock
  10. Tgmiveld vs Reality
    Vacant v Everybody else
    Dolph'sZiggler v BrockLesnarFanForLife
    JeebaK v Crayo
    seabs v JC4Life37
  11. We feuded? I thought we were always besties?
  12. I know that. You know that.
    Problem is. They don't. These pus*** don't know what a debate looks like.
    Most debates here are actually flame wars in disguise. Me and you actually debated.
    If Seabs cared enough, he could shred cats here. Only the original cast remembers that Seabs.

    We're always cool, bro. Nothing but respect.
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