Greatest Sports Games?

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  1. So I was looking through my old games, and I stumbled across the greatest video game of all time. MVP Baseball 2005. So it got me wondering, what are your favorite sports games?

    For me:
    MVP Baseball 05 - Owner mode was great, and a dope soundtrack
    MVP Baseball 04 - Also an awesome soundtrack
    Madden 05 - Greatest soundtrack ever, awesome roster, training camp
    Madden 07 - Shaun motherfucking Alexander
  2. Madden 13: Because fuck you.
    Madden 25: Haven't even played it, but fuck you.
    Madden 06 (Xbox 360): Fuck you.
  3. No mention of NFL 2k5? I'm disappointed. That would up pretty high on the list for me.

    I don't remember playing any MVP Baseball games but I always hear good things about them.
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  4. I knew I was forgetting something. 2k5 was awesome. And MVP games were great. They had so many game modes and such. If you've got a ps2/Xbox I'd recommend picking it up for $1
  5. NHL 95
    FIFA 99
    MLB 99
    NBA Jam Tournament Edition
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  6. Dat 8-bit tennis game on the nes
  7. Madden 05/06 for PS2 was a lot > 2k5.

    Those two football games for me.
    NBA Jam
    NBA 2k8 (played the fuck out of that game)
    Good shout on MVP Baseball 05. Loved it.
    Fight Night Round 4 (I think it was R4, the one that launched with XBOX 360)
    NCAA Football 99 for PS1 (Charles Woodson on cover)
  8. NHL HITZ 02, Because Shark head players, Also NBA street the one with the Yeti/Alien/Other guy.
  9. idk if this is the one you mean but I played the hell out of NBA Street V 2

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  10. So did I bro, that game was hype as shit!
  11. I also loved this game on Ps2 back in the day:

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  12. I'm not much of a gamer but I had Madden 2002 on my Game Boy Advance back in the day. I was quite good at it :obama:
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  13. How anyone cam enjoy Handegg is beyond me :jericho:
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