Greatest Superstar of our time?!?!?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, May 30, 2013.

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  1. Yes.

  2. FUCK YES!

  3. We're no strangers to love you know the rules and so do i.

  1. [​IMG]
    • Best superstar of all time? Mine's gotta be this man in the picture, Bo Dallas. He is such a f'n charismatic monster, he is one of the best wrestlers in the world (ever) and his mic skills are almost as good as Chris Jericho's. I would really llike to see him feud with the best wrestler in the world, Sin Cara.
    • What is your favorite feud of all time? Mine's gotta be Bo f'n Dallas vs. Jinder Mahal. It's like Jesus vs. Satan, USA vs. Canada, Batman vs. Joker, Spider-Man vs. Venom, Goku vs. Vegeta of professional wrestling.
    • Just a matter of time, like it or not. He is gonna hold every fucking title in the business! This man has better mic skills than CM Punk & Paul Heyman combined. Dolph's selling looks like shit compared to MAH MAIN DAWG! BO FUCKING DALLAS. Bo is the true Best In The World. Ryback is like Bo's butler at Golden Corral. He is god.
    Wake up, haters.
    Bo Dallas > The Rock
    Bo Dallas > John Cena​
    Bo Dallas > Dolph Ziggler​
    Bo Dallas > CM Punk
    Bo Dallas > HBGay
    Bo Dallas > Stone Cold.
    Bo Dallas > Dic Flair
    Like it or not, this man is the future of this business.​

    I hope you all realize this man is god. If not I feel sorry for your sorry soul!
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  2. go away
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  3. And I'm closing this troll thread. Thank you and good night.
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  4. Actually, this breaks no Locker Room rules and is actually quite funny...

    Since when was creative trolling not allowed in this section?

    The Bo Dallas stuff will pass guys, let's not take things to heart around here.
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  5. Thanks Crayo.
  6. Also this one is in the WWE section so I think you got the wrong one...
  7. He posted in the wwe section lol
  8. Then this can definitely move to the Locker Room.

    As I said before, keep LQ shit out of these sections. inb4 I'm serious and I like Bo Dallas.
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  9. I will stop posting shit in the WWE section in honor and respect of you.
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  10. There are no words to describe this thread...
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  11. How about Awesome!
  12. Bo Dallas is a great wrestler. Better than Kevin Steen, Cm Punk, Chris Hero,Seth Rollins, and Dolph Ziggler combined
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  13. I don't actually get the troll yet. Are we trying to convince people that we actually like Bo Dallas? A forum full of wrestling smarks... I don't think you planned this very well :hmm:
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  14. It wasn't a troll. Bo is the most charismatic superstar of all time. I don't why people jump the gun thinking it's a troll.
  15. Oh, the traditional troll-denial when one labels you a troll. Then serious mode turns on, and you try to convince yourself that you genuinely believe in the original troll.

    I read you like a book son :boss1:
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  16. Yeah,this is definitely a troll.
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  17. You consider me a troll......I consider myself a teacher.
  18. I'll go into teacher mode for you. Next time you try to pitch a troll like this, make it more subtle. Don't go flat out "Bo Dallas is the most charismatic superstar of all time", because even the casuals will know you're trying to work them. You could say something like "Honestly, Punk's charisma is slightly overrated. I would say superstars like Bryan, Cena, Dolph, Ambrose, and Dallas" has more charisma than him. You want to know why that's more believable? Because you have associated Bo Dallas with superstars that genuinely have lots of charisma that everyone agrees with. So the general reaction would be, "You're right, they do have charisma. But wait, Bo Dallas? Really?". That is when you hit them with another subtle "Yeah, I think the guy has a decent future tbh. I liked his work from NXT." - see how real and friendly this seems? There is no scent of troll.
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  19. Are we doing villain quotes now? If think Bo Dallas is your ally? I was born in him molded by him, I didn't see non talented wrestlers until I was a man, and it was TERRIBLE!
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  20. lol There is a FB page that an admin is like a troll and he uses the other admin's admin tags and he makes posts about how awesome Bo Dallas is.
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