Greatest Video Game Characters Ever

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  1. So after watching this video...

    I got intrigued to know what you guys think are some of the greatest characters in video game history that you have experienced.

    Great characters become symbols, benchmarks, and to be honest i have played many great games and played as many great characters but none tops solid snake from what i have played.

    What i define a truly great character by is it's ability to connect with the people and the substance in the character's story.

    Solid Snake's and Naked Snake's stories are so rich and connecting and passionate, their stories really got to me as badass, heroic, and memorable i cant think of anyone better.

    Rockstar has also always done a great job with guys like nico belic, john marston, carl johnson, i really cant say that gta has ever failed in my experience to deliver great character stories, characters that you really get to love, enjoy, admire.

    I cant name guys like master chief or marcus from gears of war, marcus doesnt have anything imo, and master chief..? You cant even see his face and his plot lining just doesnt cut it compared to the gta and metal gear character studies.

    Even in the game it self and how it unravels and plays out, tue cut scenes and characters around them and even the way the game is played has had an effect in my choices..

    With solid and naked snake you can really feel their pain in the cutscenes and interactions, and even the game play as you are alone up against the world, same with john marston, you get to appreciate the life, surrounding, and time he lives in, and his ultimate sacrifice in the end made me tear up and cry a bit. :finger: :smug:

    I didnt feel that with master chief in halo 3 or marcus anywhere, with kratos in god of war 1, neither, i cant really think of any more in my experience aside from the guys below.
    My top 5 list would have to be...

    Solid Snake
    Naked Snake
    John Marston
    Darth Revan from Knights of the old Republic

    and...i know im forgetting someone so ill leave it at that.

    There have been some other great characters ive played as like gordon freeman, master chief, kratos, marcus, mass effect character, etc but none in my experience even touch the best thought out experiences given by most rockstar productions and metal gear games.
  2. Here's my list:

    1. Ganondorf, not many villains like him. Don't read if you haven't beaten Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, or fuck it, any Zelda game with Ganondorf.
    He is a great villain, he has great history. Go to Skyward Sword he is the reincarnation of pure evil that was created to destroy the Goddesses and the hero of Hyrule. He has a logical reason as to why he has been around for each game, he has the Triforce of Power which is the power(literally) of the Gods. Which means they could only prison him. That's why after Wind Waker and A Link to the Past he never comes back in those time lines, because he doesn't have the power of the Gods, so he could die not just be imprisoned. He also shows great power when he could, even before having the Triforce of Power he showed how powerful he was in Ocarina of Time by taking out solider after solider, but he showed he was smart as well. Instead of killing Link when meeting him outside the castle he showed part of his power and looked as if he took off after Zelda. Thus allowing Link, to think it was safe to open the Door of Time and getting the power of the Gods and taking all of the Sacred Realm but the chamber of the sages. I have more examples from all his games, but Ocarina was my favorite Ganondorf, even Super Smash Bros. Brawl Ganondorf was pretty badass.

    2. Link.
    Because he is a good hero as well. Especially in the Wind Waker I liked him. It showed that he was human and needed help, even with the Triforce of Courage and the Master Sword. It showed it he wasn't so strong, but made Ganondorf look strong by all the confrontations they had, with the first being when he had no idea who he was, the second being when he showed up with the Master Sword, but Ganondorf killed the sages who empowered the sword, and even flying from an island and hitting a rising temple. He was a great hero, but he didn't look unstoppable. He had help, which he needed and worked for both sides. That's what I like about him.

    These are really the two that come off the top of my head for right now.
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  3. Pekka Rinne..


    NHL 13

  4. "Grove least it was until I fucked everything up."
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  5. Another MGS fan, pinch me :yay:
    I too love the cut scenes, they are incredible. I've never been drawn into a game like that before.

    Anyway, my favourite characters.
    Solidus Snake
    Solid Snake
    Meryl Silverburgh

    I'd go in depth but I'm laying in bed on my phone, don't feel like it.
  6. :obama: This guy gets it
  7. Look at dat face. It's the face of a winner.

    But no forreal, I haven't passed San Andreas and I really want to, especially before GTAV (though there is almost no correlation between San Andreas and GTAV at all besides a few references) but one mission completely pisses me off every time I try to do it.
  8. I've beaten San Andreas before. I'm not allowed to play it but when I'm on vacation I travel so I play. Got 100% but the game bugged on me because I used cheats a few times (951 lol). Now I beat the story without cheats and on December/January I'll try to get 100% without cheats. I still have a blast playing it :dawg:
  9. Which mission are you having problems with?
  10. You guys forgot Hitman? Seriously?
    What about the Prince of Persia?
    Both of them became so iconic that hollywood went on to make movies on them to cash in.

    But my favourtie character would be JC Denton from Deus Ex. He isnt as iconic or popular, but Deus Ex fans see him as god, and Deus Ex is my fav game of all times.


    The mission that requires you to fly a plane, am i correct?
  11. Same here :true: Only mission that frustated me was the one where Big Smoke trys to shoot the guys on the train while you drive the motor bike. Fucker couldn't shoot for shit, so I said fuck it and used the jetpack cheat and killed those guys in 3 seconds.
  12. Same here :true: Only mission that frustated me was the one where Big Smoke trys to shoot the guys on the train while you drive the motor bike. Fucker couldn't shoot for shit, so I said fuck it and used the jetpack cheat and killed those guys in 3 seconds.
  13. Same here :true: Only mission that frustated me was the one where Big Smoke trys to shoot the guys on the train while you drive the motor bike. Fucker couldn't shoot for shit, so I said fuck it and used the jetpack cheat and killed those guys in 3 seconds.
  14. I thought Smoke drove the bike and you shot the guys on that mission, but I do recall a mission involving said fatass, motorcycles and shooting people. Was a bit hard indeed.
  15. Naw that's when you try to get away from some ambush or something. There's another mission where you drive a motorbike and Big Smoke shoots, and you have to get them killed before the train goes into the parts of San Andreas you're not allowed to enter yet.
  16. Oh, on the train, yeah, I remember it perfectly now! Yeah his aim was pretty horrible.
  17. Show Spoiler

    Big Smoke: Come on CJ GET CLOSER! *shooting but misses every shot*
    Me: For fucks sake Im right beside the train you fat fuck :goatface:
    Big Smoke: *shoots 2863568350863405 bullets, only 2 hit one of the guys*
    Me: :cornette:
  18. Gotta love how he treats you as a piece of **** if you fail and you're left in the middle of nowhere without any vehicles. Lovely.
  19. :hmm: But yet he can use instant transmission....must be Majin Buu :true:
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