Greatest Wrestling Nicknames

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  1. Sometimes, a wrestler's persona and popularity can be increased with help from an awesome nickname? What are the greatest nicknames in wrestling history?
  2. The People's Champion, Big Red Machine.
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  3. The Bad Guy, Mr. Wrestlemania, The Icon.
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  4. Besides all of the above... Big Poppa Pump, The Big Bad Booty Daddy, The Genetic Freak.
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  5. Brahma Bull
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  6. Based jerry the king Lawler hitting 15 year old pussy and selling out arenas
  7. The Cerebral Assassin.
  8. The Nature Boy, The Game, The Big Valboski, The Rated R Superstar, and adding Hollywood before your name.
  9. Bam Bam and One Man Crime Spree
  10. The rattlesnake
  11. The King of Strong Style, and The Rainmaker.
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  12. Big Daddy Cool
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  13. The King of Kings, The Ayatollah of Rock ’N’ Rolla, The Man That Gravity Forgot, The Excellence of Execution, The Heartbreak Kid
  14. the man of 1004 holds
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  15. Despite the unfortunate and tragic circumstances of this nickname, the crippler is pretty cool.
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  16. The Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death–Defying Maniac
  17. The one man rock band
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