Green Day....

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Please get rid of this shitty intro. Does anyone actually like the SD intro song?
  2. Me but that is my childhood hanging on (Big Green Day fan up until American idiot album.) Plus I like to think that nothing can be worse than Nickelback.
  3. No but love Green Day awesome live band Milton Keynes Bowl unreal gig I was only 19 maybe 20 drunk, high and in the pits!
  4. I like it. I do prefer Rise Up by Drowning Pool, but this is still good to me.

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  5. Any suggestions?

    I feel if they do change it, it needs to pump our asses up as we watch and be a relatively unknown track so that haters don't hate instantly!
  6. Let the bodies hit the floooooooooooooooooooooor
  7. Would be awesome but I feel it's to well known still! Thats why I think we end up hating the themes when you hear it weekly and it's a tune you may have on your ipod or hear out and about!
  8. Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson. Hate Manson but that theme really got you pumped for the show. The original SD intro was good too
  9. Wow as if someone else has heard of Yngwie!

    Not a huge fan but guy does rock!
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  10. I actually don't like most of his songs, he is amazing and one of the best, but he just shreds to much. I like him on this song, and the Dream On cover with him and Dio.
  11. I just appreciate his solos as not many do that these days and guy can play.

    There is a Jap band as well or supergroup i dont remember the name but saw a concert on youtube and it was just ridiculous the drummer floated about on a crane and stuff whiilst hammering solos! CRAZY
  12. :dafuq: He must be a jedi, I wanna meet that band!
  13. They are called X Japan and there live shows are mental!

    Plus they are insanely good at what they play!
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  14. I like it
  15. I can live with it.
  16. Eww too many noobs in this thread.
  17. Noob? me?
  19. Lol Green day even I don't like that shit.
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