Green Power Ranger (goat) vs CM Punk

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. Green Power Ranger

  2. CM Punk

  1. CM Punk, you have been challenged by a Power Ranger.[​IMG]

    Punk left the WWE, via the Los Angeles Times' Houston Mitchell, last month, so it looks like he may have some free time on his hands. Hopefully, he is willing to take advantage of any and all opportunities that come his way.

    MMA fighter Jason David Frank, who played the Green Power Ranger in the hit show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, wants to take on Punk.\

    So now that CM punk is out of his contracts and wants to do MMA. Why not me? He already said he fight me. I got this on video from a fan. Come on CM punk we could make this a awesome fight. Plus his weight is way down.

    Wait, Punk already said he'd fight the Green Power Ranger? A few years ago, Punk was asked about a potential match with Frank. See what he had to say (h/t SB Nation):
  2. JDF is beast. I'd put my money on him.
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  3. All my money would be on JDF
  4. Someone should make a dramatic promo for it.
  5. I think a ton of people would pay to see this fight. I know I would
  6. Wow tuff choice, my least fav Power Ranger vs one of my least fav wrestlers. Ofcourse i voted for Tommy from the rangers, and yes i would buy this fight if it were on PPV.
  7. He was also white ranger as well this guy is awesome. I want to see this out of curiosity .
  8. He should bust out the Dragonzord on Punks bitch ass
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  9. I would mark out if this fight happened
  10. The only real answer is JDF. The other is a lie.
  11. I would definitely find a link of that fight the next morning to see how badly punk got raped
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  12. Poor Punk. Even after quitting he's still doomed to job to celebrity part timers.:sad:
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  13. If JDF loses we continue to chant CM Punk in WWE. oh wait.
  14. JDF easy, but I love both of them.
  15. Punk is gonna quit before the match begins :pipebomb:
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  16. As much as I love CM Punk--he's my favorite wrestler--I gotta give this to the green ranger. He's badass. I remember watching him beat the shit out of the entire power rangers team on his own....Punk, I grew up watching this guy....I'm going with green ranger or the win.
  17. Man I'm going with the white power ranger! Tiger zord bitches!
  18. :stfu:
  19. Dragon zord and dragon flute totally destroy the queer tiger zord. Also green >>>>>>>> white.
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  20. :true: I was waiting for someone to be all "its the same guy!" Fucken duh
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