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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Grievous, Oct 1, 2016.

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  1. Okay...just want to get this point across first...I no longer like Star Wars...I'm over it... what? Oh Yeah...

    I'd like to take a few moments to introduce myself...if that is okay with you guys?

    My name is Kay Williams...I'm a 34 year old male who lives in Townsville,
    North Queensland in isn't where the Power Puff Girls live.
    Townsville - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    My interest in wrestling was only recently rekindled Thanks to watching Wrestlemania 32...
    but for years I haven't watched or followed any wrestling since the RAW episode when Kane
    first took off his mask.

    I first started watching wrestling back in 1998 catching my first episode of RAW the
    night after the legendary King of the Ring event. I also watched WCW Nitro through this
    time as well as Australian Pay TV would air RAW Tuesday Night and Nitro Friday night.

    My current interest in wrestling is centered more around the women's division and I
    understand how that may sound...but I actually respect and admire female wrestlers as
    athletes and doesn't hurt that many of them are incredibly beautiful
    as well.

    *My Top 5 Favorite Wrestling Ladies*

    1). Charlotte:
    The true Alpha Female...A tall, blonde Amazon...A Genetic Wrestler with a fantastic
    entrance theme.

    2). Asuka:
    Many of my other interests come from Japan...only makes sense I love her look and
    wrestling style.

    3). Alexa Bliss:
    Remember that really nasty, attractive girl from school that you had a crush on? I Do...(P.S: I also love her entrance theme)

    4). Bayley:
    She's cute I guess and she can wrestle ...but I'd love to see her turn heel...I mean how would that work? And I don't mean them doing the creepy stalker Bayley.

    5). Naomi:
    Man...that woman can jump...and dance...which is always a plus.

    My Dream Match:
    A Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for a/both Women(s) Title(s):
    Charlotte vs. Asuka vs. Naomi vs. Nia Jax

    Will someone book that for Wrestlemania please?

    *Random Opinions*
    > I don't really have an opinion on Roman Reigns...he seems okay in the ring...but the crowd
    reactions always make me laugh.

    > No...I've never seen Total Divas...nor will I ever watch it...

    > I'm glad I missed the "John Cena Always Wins Era"

    > I though Dean Ambrose was fine as the WWE Champion...but A.J Styles is a much better wrestler.

    > Kevin Owens is awesome...long may he reign!

    > I've never seen Eva Marie wrestle...but I've heard many, many bad things...but damn she looks amazing...The Red Queen indeed...

    Moving on from other interests include:
    > Kaiju films (Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra, Pacific Rim, King Kong...all that fun stuff)
    > Attack On Titan (Manga and Anime...not the films)
    > Metal Music (Mastodon, Slipknot, Soulfly, Lamb Of God for a few examples...but I could go on...)
    > Pokemon (Games and Manga...Slowpoke is my favorite)
    > Transformers (I collect the toys but I do not watch any of the cartoons or films)

    And that about sums me up I guess...

    If you have any questions...please feel free to ask...I'm an open book really...

    Oh...and one more thing...

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  3. I should have seen that kind of reply
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  4. I know right? How could the Supreme Commander of the Separatists' Droid Army, General Grievous dislike Star Wars?
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  5. Brother Grievous...I knew you'd come, welcome to the forums blessed by the seven deities. Enjoy your time here!
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  6. would be the fact that (in my opinion) the brand has been over didn't even like the prequels...more I just liked the character design of Grievous...Although I did enjoy The Force Awakens...even though it was a bit heavy on the "fan service" and felt l like it was a remake of the original 1977 film.

    Thank you for the kind welcome Broken Botcherson...I'm looking forward to expressing my opinions...And hopefully make some new friends...but I guess that depends on my opinions.
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  7. Welcome to the fam @Grievous

    Yo! and I couldn't agree more with you on #Alexa Bliss
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  8. What up General Grievous, love you.
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  9. Thanks for the welcome Phenom...
    I'm guessing you have an evil cheerleader fetish as well?

    And Thanks Randy Borton...I love you to...I think?
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  10. Welcome to the best wrestling forum on the internet, good to have you :emoji_slight_smile:
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  11. Thanks for the welcome J. Fox...
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  12. I already welcomed you in the chat, but I will say it again.

    Welcome to WWEF!
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  13. Thanks for the double welcome Beaver...
  14. So it's too mainstream? I'm all for it. If it means more Star Wars stuff, movies, fantastic TV shows like Rebels, video games or books, then it means I'm a happy man.

    Eh, the only prequel I really dislike is Attack of the Clones. Phantom Menace had some redeeming qualities (Darth Maul), and Revenge of the Sith was alright. But they come no where close to the Original Trilogy.

    Yeah there were a few similarities, but overall, it was a great film. I'm super excited for Rogue One and the next Star Wars film.
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  15. May-be? I don't know really...I'm personally just sick of it...

    That about sums up my opinion...

    I second looks great and hopefully it will be
    a "different" type of Star Wars film.
  16. Welcome.
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  17. Thank you Prince Balor...
  18. Slowpoke rules.

    Welcome mang. :deth:
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  19. Thanks for the welcome Deth...
    Slowpoke does indeed rule.
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  20. Didn't realize you liked Pokemon...
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