Greetings intellectuals.

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  1. Hello humans, I am proud to announce that I will officially start running train on the "Locker Room" section. Some of you are wondering "Who is this deity?". Well let me just say I'm the guy that your parents warned you about. Yeah, that's right I'm here to start conspiracy theory's of the WWEForums deepsubs. I will be the one who you look up to. I will be the one you call father. I am Thoth.
  2. You seem like a promo person. Nice introduction btw.
  3. Oh great Thoth's here.

    Just so most of you know, expect another @[Mike.] :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. [​IMG]

    I'm far more superior compared to Mike. He wishes he could run train, xbox, or the internet like me. :cool:
  5. Two Mikes?Too much hq on one forum. The world may explode.
  6. I'm expecting our traffic to triple with the amount of HQ posts we're going to get from them.
  7. Two Mikes? Are you implying I'm some type of clone of Mike.? Are you seriously assuming I'm the same person... the same fucking person as Mike.? No, I am not if you're wondering. I am Thoth. And I am the best. Mark my words. You will rue the day for which you called me Mike. I will be the one you call headmaster.

    Mike. =/= A carbon copy of my alter ego.
  8. Thoth is a HQ version of Mike. Maximum HQ.
  9. k
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  10. I am better than you will ever be sir thoth, I made you.
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  11. @[Mike.]


    That's Xanth.