Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Jonnie, Jan 7, 2016.

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  1. Hello to all from Northern Ireland!

    Finally got the cahones to purchase tickets to a wrestling event this year,just so happens to be WM32! Costing me an arm and 2 legs.. But I'm sure it will be worth it.

    What's worthwhile on the Weekend for it? I'm in Dallas from Friday! And leave on the Friday after for Charlotte! 4200 miles worthwhile :emoji_grin:

    Look forward to trash talking eachother about wwe also ;D
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  2. Hey dude.

    What seats you got for WM32?
    There's a few Texans on here I think, they might suggest things to do in the area.
  3. Not great ones.. Up in the sky somewhere! But as long as I can see and feel there thatl do great. Section 419 I believe
  4. Screens are huge so it won't be a problem. What's the price for a seat like that?
  5. Welcome and that is sweet regardless. I never even been to a PPV so lol
  6. I think originally $68... We paid slightly over for them via resale. Early birthday present for me!
  7. That ain't bad, it's just the other $900ish for flights :urm:
  8. Flights are only $1400 for the between the both of us. And that includes our flights to charlotte after to visit a friend! Accommodation isn't pretty however :henry2:
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  9. Salutations!
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  10. Hey-yo. Welcome to the forum, Jonnie. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
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