Grenade thrown on football pitch

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Rysenberg, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1.! Since the embed seems to have failed.

    Mental :dafuq:
  2. Link added, video didn't embed for whatever reason :emoji_slight_frown:
  3. That's crazy, didn't surprise me when I say it was in a country like Iran.
  4. Fixed embed.

    Wtf, what country is this? Turkey?
  5. It was Iran vs Saudi Arabia
  6. Ironically the league Fifa just allowed into Fifa 13.
  7. I'm sorry but Egypt, Saudi Arabia and a few others should not be allowed to have official football leagues until those fans fucking behave. Egypt had multiple pitch invasions last year where players were attacked. Now this grenade incident? Are they all fucking moronic?


    Glad none of them will ever be in the CL.
  8. I'm glad none of them will ever be relevant. I wouldn't want to visit places like this for a football game. F*ck that. I wouldn't even want to play in these countries. Don't know why Asamoah Gyan was so desperate to join teams in these countries.
  9. Money probably.
  10. Considering what is going on in those countries ATM it should basically come as expected. They need to make a decision from higher up to stop playing matches until they get their shit together as a region of the world and individual countries.. all they are doing is putting players, coaches, and the actual respectful/disciplined fans at risk by having scenarios such as a football match unfold when so many of their citizens at this point in time are unruly and anti-everything and they just want to cause havoc because they are pissed at the ongoing circumstances going on with the government & civilian unrest.
  11. Probably but would you want to play in a country where they through grenades on the pitch? :lol1: I wouldn't despire how much money I was getting. :dawg:
  12. Lmao I doubt this is a weekly incident. I admire how cool the guy handled it though, I'm unsure if he actually knew it was a grenade.
  13. It's Iran, probably an hourly incident...

    * I'm being sarcastic before any one insults my intelligence.
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