Evolution Grievous Speaks...WWE Evolution Preview...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Oct 26, 2018.

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    Want to listen to me talk for 40 minutes about the matches at WWE Evolution?



    Here's a link anyway...

    Grievous Speaks - WWE Evolution Preview.m4a

    Feel free to leave some feedback or a comment below & Thanks for taking the
    time to listen.

  2. Listening and stuff. Woot
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  3. Thanks Snowman...

  4. That was a fun little thought dump... went back and watched and saw that Ruby Riott vs Ronda Rousey was a Raw match. Nothing more to really add.
    Punch punch uppercut gutwrench suplex judo throw armbar hit the showers


    I'm really bullish on this PPV. There's 3 matches I'm excited about, one I'd like to see... and with there being 7-8 matches on the card... If counting entrances and such, you can count on the NXT/MYC/SD Championship matches to take up an hour and a half, then that's sounding like a damn good PPV.
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  5. I'm glad you said thought in that sentence...

    So...it was a squash match?


    Why do have the feeling Ruby Riott will never
    ever be given a "proper chance" on the main

    I agree-gree...

  6. Clicked the link to bookmark to listen to tonight, and it says file not found. Can United Staters not listen?
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  7. If nothing else; If Becky Lynch does not retain the belt I will be
    fking pissed as hell; that is all and the show will suck even than.
  8. Problem Fixed...

    I hope...