Kayfabe Grim Fate

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  1. *Camera fades into Reaper standing in front of Ben Song and The Webmaster. Reaper has a stern look on his face as he waits for the Disciples to listen to him*
    Reaper: I haven't spoken much to you Disciples but trust me when I say that what I lack in charisma I make up for in pure brute strength sent from Satan himself. As you probably already know I am to fight Des Pierson at this weeks opening rounds of the title tournament and I believe someone so seemingly unprofessional has no chance against a fighter of my skill.
    *Reaper looks directly at the camera*
    Reaper: Des you are going to know the real meaning of pain when we have our match. But before then you might want to go and train so that I don't kill you in the ring
    *Camera begins to fade to black as Reaper steps backwards to his position next to Ben Song's throne