Grizzly Redwood fired

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. Grizzly Redwood has apparently been fired from Ring of honor. Redwood is the supposed man to have fought with Charlie Haas backstage and he has seemingly been given the shaft.

    Redwood has this to say on twitter:

    Austin Aries had this to say:

    Expect Redwood in Either DGUSA, Chikara, PWG or Impact fairly soon then.
  2. He was hardly featured anyway.
  3. He was supposed to be used in the war against SCUM apparently.
  4. Was he supposed to be in the match at Supercard then?
  5. Sad news, he was quite the entertaining little guy. He'd never get the near top of the card, but would always have a few spots that would keep you smiling.
  6. Him and Mondo vs Rave and Jacobs I think.
  7. Hopefully Aries pulls some strings in TNA and brings him in.
  8. Sucks for him but what caught my eye was A Double's comment, ROH shafted him?
  9. He and EY could make quite the bearded, comedy tag team.
  10. Aries said he helped Redwood shave his beard. :cry:
  11. :robbie: :why:
  12. Yep, check A Double's twittah machine.:neymar2:
  13. He got in a fight with Haas backstage. Same reason that Haas got fired.
  14. I was talking about Aries not Redwood. Re-read his tweet, he said he got shafted too by them.
  15. Yup. Aries got fired. That is old news. I don't know why but I knew he was kicked out of ROH for something.
  16. Aries got fired during the same time as Generico. When Cornette decided to do cut backs and decided that Aries and Generico weren't big enough names.
  17. Fucking Cornette :facepalm:
  18. They were apparently slimming their roster if I remember, not sure how he'd justify that as getting shafted. I guess there maybe something else in it though.
  19. Most likely Aries' ego talking. He's their only two time world champion and probably was a pretty big dog backstage.
  20. That's true, they made a mistake putting the strap on him for the second time in 08 / 09 I think it was, he looked really bored with them at times. It was when he was transitioning into the A DOuble role.
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