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  1. WTF is that shit?!?!? Safe for work BTW.

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  2. Thank You.
    Fresh poop thinks that's gross.
  3. You're welcome :sandow:
  4. It looks like someone pushing their brain through their nose.
  5. Uh.... What...
  6. Proactive son
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  7. :terry:
    Neutrogena goody boy.
  8. Deth just comes on to dislike posts now. What a hipster.
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  9. I came here to lurk in the 5? days i made it offsite and this is the absolute worst thing i clicked. You should change the tags to Don't plan on eating after this, that is gross as fuck. Talk about appetite killer, who went anorexic for a day? This guy.
  10. I warned you.
  11. That made me want to click spoiler twice as much.
  12. [​IMG]
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