Grossest injury i've ever seen - Kevin Ware

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Danielson, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. Extremely graphic

    You've been warned

    Show Spoiler

  2. Damn, that's horrible. Disgusting.

    But my prayers are with him, it's just terrible.
  3. :damn: looks like he shattered his leg in at least two places. Don't think he'll be playing elite level ball anymore. Terrible for him.
  4. Yeah, they said Michael Bush had the same injury(same school, ironic) It's about a year of recovery.
  5. Too much of a pussy to click the video, lol.
  6. Saw a pic, WHAT THE FUCK. How does that even happen, holy shit.
  7. The one that was posted in Solidus' status?
  8. Yeah :mad2:
  9. That can't be real, can it?
  10. Same, I want to see so bad but I can't bring myself to.
  11. edit:
    Apparently it's not
  12. Yeah, don't.
  13. same what happened to Sid while doing the leg drop
  14. It's real. Watched it on live television
  15. Yeah saw the vid. The injury is definitely real. Was talking about some pic that's floating around that someone posted in a status, it's apparently not real.
  16. Same. Not going to. I'll be sick no doubt.
  17. I accidentally saw the pic, fake or not it's gross. Daren't watch the vid, I have to walk upstairs.
  18. The picture in the status is fake. Thank God.
  19. I thought it was a bit extreme to be real, still the thought it scary as hell.
  20. The video isn't so bad, it's no close up or anything too graphic.
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