Group Champions Return To Action This Wednesday

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    They have been marked as “The Group to beat” and for good reason. All four members of Group Champions have held The TNA World Title in the past. Lashley, Mr. Anderson, Austin Aries and EC3 are all in the prime of their respective careers. Judging by what we saw in their first encounters, Wednesday night is shaping up to be can’t miss.

    EC3 vs. Lashley is a dream match that seems to favor Lashley. However, EC3 has never been pinned and the man has never submitted, so can Lashley be the one? Can The Destroyer find a way to do what no other human being on this planet has done and that is defeat EC3. Lashley made it very clear that he knows Tyrus will get involved and will be watching for the bodyguard of EC3 during the match. Will Tyrus provide the distraction that serves as the point that allows EC3 to win? Can Lashley avoid Tyrus and spear his way to a victory? Keep in mind, EC3 only has 1 point at this juncture in group action. If EC3 defeats Lashley he will have 4 points and depending on what happens with Austin Aries and Mr. Anderson, EC3 might be near the top of the Leaderboard. Lashley is 1-0 and has 3 points.

    Mr. Anderson needs a win. Mr. Anderson needs to rebound from his defeat at the hands of Lashley and needs to do it Wednesday night against Austin Aries. Aries, who sits at 1
    point right now, also needs to secure 3 more points in The World Title Series. Mr. Anderson and Austin Aries know each other very well, they are both from Wisconsin and traveled together for years before making it to Impact Wrestling. Wednesday they go one on one in one of the most important matches in their careers.

    The World Title Series continues Wednesday night on Destination America at 9PM EST.


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