Group Knockouts Take Center Stage

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Oct 28, 2015.

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    It is the most iconic rivalry of the past decade. Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong tonight they write the latest chapter & it happens in The World Title Series. Kong has 3 points. Gail sits at 0 points. A win for either Knockout is a game changer. It eve. Has TNA President Dixie Carter talking:

    So proud of our KOs. Main Event THIS WEDNESDAY! #CantMiss #WorldTitleSeries

    — Dixie Carter (@TNADixie) October 27, 2015

    Also, from Group Knockouts, Madison Rayne has chimed in on this epic encounter and discussed the this match in the World Title Series and she spoke very highly not only of the division but also how important this match is.

    "These two women deserve this spot on this show, their rivalry is part of the knockouts history, they had an amazing match at Bound For Glory and I have a vested interest in this match because I'm very confident that whoever wins this match tonight between Kong and Gail is going into the Round of 16 with me."

    Watch her full comments below.



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