Group name ideas?

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  1. I'm wiping my group and changing the name to something awesome. I was thinking something Marvel or DC related like The Avengers or World's Finest. But I was like, WHAT IF I ASK EVERYONE IN THE WWEF UNIVERSE?!?! So yeah, any group name ideas that are awesome? Or some joke ones? :emoji_grin:

  2. The Loose Cannons! or The Nation without the Domination in it!
  3. Really feeling up NSA right now.
  4. The non infidels
  5. New Generation Order: nGo
  6. Need more name ideas!
  7. Ok, let's try COMIC BOOK RELATED names, eh guise?!
  8. The Future Past
  10. Pedo bears.
  11. The Samoan Silverbacks
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    Some other ideas:
    Justice League
    Suicide Squad
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  14. Suspected Rapists
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  15. The PG Era (Paul Heyman Guys Era)
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  16. You know how on tna you've got EC3.

    How about DC3. Haha.
  17. Bromigos getting wiped!?

    If we were doing Comic Book names I'd be down for Suicide Squad although people may think the members are huge Suicide/Manik fans unless they were really comic book people.

    Royal Flush Gang is kewl too :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. Damien's Sandows
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