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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Nobody, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. How about at least giving us in groups bold names, so it can be shown that we aren't just new users. Since names like Hollywood D'Z and AidsJohnson will get a lot of hits (who wouldnt click those) it will give nWo a chance to at least showoff that we are a group and not just new/old members without upgrades.
  2. In theory, it doesn't sound like a bad idea, actually. I hate my username looking like I'm a new user on the list of who's online and all that, but I hate not having my nWo userbar if I change to display Legend or Superstar. Bold names for groups seems like a decent compromise.
  3. Bold text on its own isn't really that much more noticeable:


    I agree with the idea of segregating groups from regular members though, maybe just a slight colour tint and bold for group members:


    I understood why Crayo thought the "who's online" box looked like a rainbow sponge when all of the groups had strong, separate colours, but I see no problem with the colour being faint.
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  4. Both work great IMO, nice job, me.
  5. Subtle segregation is a better idea than obvious segregation in my opinion. It makes the place seem more unified to new members. I think a subtle distinction and the group member only area is solid enough. Maybe add a hot tub or something, that'd be cool.
  6. Will do the second one actually, that looks really good. Need you to chuck me the hex code.
  7. Code:
    	font-weight: bold;
    	color: #8394A6;
  8. You do it the gay way like Xanth -.-.

    Will do that now, no idea why we're talking here and not on Skype. Noob. Suggestion accepted, closed.
  9. Efficient way, you mean? Adding a 'usergroup' class to the name style for all the groups means you only need to edit the colour in one place in the future.
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