Group Olympics.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by seabs, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. What this is.
    A simple group Olympics shall be held between the three teams, Team Showoff - Lead by myself and Jose Tortilla, People Power - Lead by @[Samalan] and possibly Super Pipebomb - lead by @[Teen Gohan Randy Savage] . Events will include predictions, promo writing, match writing and others all contest wins will be worth 1 point.

    I'm unsure currently, I'll possibly buy an award. There will be some kind of prize, possibly rep I'll think about it.

    Contest number 1

    CM Punk Vs John Cena is booked to happen at the 1000th Raw, each group will answer the following questions as a collective, so we'll get 1 answer for each group. This will be posted 5PM (GMT) on Monday , leaving plenty of time for group discussion.

    Who wins?
    Title change?
    Any interference?
    Does Cena still have the case?

    Contest number 2

    Promo writing, you need to explain why your group is the best. You can discuss it amongst your group but only one promo must be posted by the leader, anyone can write the promo, just the leaders have to post it. If another group member writes it please credit them..

    9:00PM GMT on Saturday is the deadline.
    Team Showoff


    No title change

    Rock interference

    Cena loses the case

    14 minute match ( the average time between the three posts)

    Who wins? CM PUNK DUH!
    Time? A GOOD 35 MIN!
    Title change? NO!
    Any interference? NO! It will be after the match is over! WHEN THE ROCK COME OUT!
    Does Cena still have the case? HELL NO!

    People Power
    Winner: CM Punk
    Interruptions: Yes
    Time : 20 minutes.
    Cena has the case?: No
    title change : no

    [​IMG] - 0

    [​IMG] - 1

    [​IMG] - 1

    [​IMG] - 0

    [​IMG] - 0
  2. Let the best group win! :emoji_slight_smile:

  3. Omg you're so racist! :serious:

    Everyone knows that Trukfit (despite being the worst named group on the forum) would own everybody in this competition! Add it you neanderthal!!
  5. You're in.
  6. you know it :serious:
  7. Fantastic Idea, I'm looking forward to it. Good job Seabs.
  8. What about the members in more then 2 groups though?
  9. Sandy Sandwitch already PM'd me a battle photo..

    He's ready..

    Show Spoiler

  10. Off with their heads!

    they will just have to pick who they want to represent O.O
  11. I'll team with People Power

  12. :win:
  13. Questions should be better. If Cena wins then obviously the title changes and the briefcase would be gone.
  14. He could win via DQ. Who's saying X won't interfere setting up Y at the PPV? Plus there were reports he would keep the keep somehow. I stress the term reports but still. What other questions could be asked ?
  15. Damn this could be great, it almost makes me want to join a team.
  16. Apply to a team then Johnson, Pipebomb would have you im sure as long as you don't have a group.
  17. Thanks for the heads up on who might take me. I might just have to wait and see what happens, as NoD and People power seem irrelevant to me, Showoff is flooded with people i wouldnt last long with, and Pipebomb added BLFFL, so no there automatically. I have no idea who is in Trukfit or wtf that is so ahhhhhh......i guess pass altogether. Ill enjoy the sport as a spectator.

    ETA: Obviously some teams wouldnt even take the greatness i bring, so those were just my thoughts on who i would even apply for.
  18. Truftkit is Silxysoxs group no idea how you'd last with him. Pipebomb is probably the best bit as its early days with that team. Either way you're probably the top free agent with DZ if it was in sporting terms.
  19. there's no need to compete against Randy, especially on a predictions contest.
  20. hoss i miss your aj gif.
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