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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Saylor, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. I say we should be able to purchase our own sub-forum. You should be allowed to sub-forum it to the Legend forum. The requirements would be donating a fixed price of $25 (could be higher, if you wish) for purchasing your own wrestling related group such as, Nexus, NWO, Evolution. A joining fee would cost $5 which would go towards the site and not the group owner. The group owner would have the ability to accept or reject a certain user. This would generate the forum more money and it'll be a little fun, if anything. This doesn't mean giving out user ranks or anything, you'll just have the ability to have your own sub forum hang-out area with the members you'd most enjoy it with. There would only be say 5 groups on the forum with a maximum of 5 members per group. It's a little fun that would also help benefit the site, I see nothing but good.
  2. I'd like this, but it's up to Crayo.
  3. Do it.

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  4. I would do it, but to be honest I don't see enough users here wanting to join the groups. If it's something that'd be popular I think it'd be a good idea. We've discussed groups already in the "FATTY XANTH" section (staff).
  5. I knew Crayo would have some counter argument towards this. :sad:
  6. 4 against 1.
  7. Just let me have my own group then.

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  8. Wait until I get a job :upset:
  9. Crayo will deny this suggestion, no matter what. :sad:
  10. Lol trust me I think it's a great idea. Groups is something I really want to add, it adds more personality to the site, a more community type feel. But it's like the award thing. A user suggested legends being able to purchase their own awards to give out to other users, I said okay, but no one did.

    It's all good users saying "Yeah let's add this" but not having anyone actually do it. I love the idea though. We could have userbars/colours for it too, you may as well stand out if you're going to be paying. Assure me it'll be used and I'll accept :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. I'll use it.

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  12. Well, who would purchase their own group if this suggestion got approved? I'd purchase a group in the future, personally.
  13. Also, a question, what would the group have to be based on? Something wrestling-related? Or could Seabs for example make a "Crayo fucksucks" group?

    I'm all for having wrestling-related groups.
  14. Just let us choose what evs IMO.

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  15. Wrestling related would be more mature, reasonable and would be appropriate to the forum. Like you said, adding userbars and so forth would mean it would be visible to others, having a usergroup such as "Crayo fucksucks" wouldn't really be ideal. That's just my opinion, anyway.
  16. :hmm:. We could have a rule for group purchases that the name/description of the group has to be approved. Not strictly wrestling groups, but having that rule there could help us just say no to those who want groups slagging off other users etc.
  17. It could work. The decisions yours, aslong as we get some sorts of groups implemented would be enough for me.
  18. No flaming group names, no limit on admissions. Also possibly drop the paying to join imo, we've already got pay groups and if someone buys a group people shouldn't have to pay to get into it IMO. Also the person buying must be pre approved.

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  19. Make it happen. :obama:
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