Group vs Group competitions?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Rysenberg, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. How about we could do some of these? For example: Before a PPV everyone in the group could predict results and whichever teams gets the most predictions right wins?

    I'd happily set it up and it would all be in good nature, no personal assaults.
  2. i think that would be good and i was just about to suggest somthing like this
  4. Fair point, I'll work out the average score then !
  5. Just use DZs thread for PPV predictions add the scores up for each team, divide it by the number of participants from each group then we're done.

  6. :true::win:
  7. This is probably the best way to do it. (This is how you work out mean in mathematics.)
  8. Couldn't think of the term for some reason.
  9. Not going to eliminate individual winners though. Don't want to ruin the competition for those who aren't in groups.
  10. But what if I won the predictions cup by myself but team SO didn't win, would I still get that trophy?
  11. You could have this feature for every survivor series paperview. (Groups playing against each other, since survivor series has a traditional team vs team match.)
  12. As I see it the individuals still win, however this is just against the groups. Even do it for a year with the group which wins picking up the prediction cup, for members who don't have it. Say if you won the next contest you'd get the cup, but we'd tally up and if showoff had the most points they'd go 1- 0 up against the nation.
  13. You can do group vs group stuff, but I can't give awards to whole groups lol. It would just have to be a unofficial contest between you both. The reason being is that it's not fair to the other users who aren't in groups as it's not their fault. I like the contest idea of group vs group, it adds a bit of mature competitiveness (as long as no arguments are had), but I don't think awards are necessary.
  14. Works for me.
  15. With me only just signing today, how do you get into a group? as I wouldn't mind taking part in something like this, but with me not being part of a group, I assume I wouldn't be able to?
  16. You can take part in the contest, as it's available for everyone. You simply predict who you think is going to win out of the matches announced, the user with the most predictions wins the predictions cup award. Also, as for groups, you have to be approved by the group leader(s) which will be a hard task at first :emoji_slight_smile:.
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