Group Warfare

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  1. The groups should have a monthly competition to prove who's the best. I haven't fully though of a concept yet, but that comes to an advantage, so that the other groups can place input on how it should be done.
  2. Didn't we have one before?
  3. I heard there was but I didn't get much detail about it. I think this would be something all of us would be interested in since we already have our small little squabbles in other threads.
  4. I think this would result in flame wars, and don't we only really have 2 groups? nWo and Showoff?
  5. I don't think it'd be determined by debate, so flame wars wouldn't be a problem.

    Pipebomb is also around, as quiet as they are about their group
  6. As long as I don't get flamed by no F'KR i'm cool. Pipe is dead... Only has many 1 or 2 active users. Who are on every day.
  7. The option should still be open to them in interest of fairness
  8. I think you should draw up some evil mastermind creative extravaganza for this warfare shin dig.
  9. How about we do it in a Bragging Rights way where the group wins by gaining points from certain tasks like:

    1. Having the MOTM in their group - 1 point
    2. Having the most cumulative posts - 1 point
    3. Having the best wrestling thread of that month (determined by activity) - 1 point
    4. Having the best new member - 1 point

    5. Finally, we'll have a post off where one member from each group will be given a random thread created by a non-group member and those two will have to try posts the best and most HQ posts by the end of the day. Only those two would be allowed to post on that thread. (I guess we could use this one as a tie breaker)
  10. Tbh I think it's only NWO who cares about this stuff. Showoff from what I've seen tend to be the more relaxed "who cares?" group. Pipebomb is just incredible lols. I doubt any of them care enough to enter these competitions.
  11. So if showoff wants it too, we can have? :yay:
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