Groups sales open again.

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. After recently closing the group sales for having too many, I feel now is a good tmie to allow 2-3 more to be sold before closing them again. A couple of the previous ones are gone, one is dead, and one is sort of inactive.


    Groups with no private section or award, but get their own custom userbar - $20

    Groups with a custom section, award and their own userbar - $35

    Contact myself or Xanth via PM if you want to purchase a group. There are no limitations, but all groups will need to be approved before we allow you to purchase them, so when you apply for one please include the name of your future group.

    Use this thread for any general questions you may have.
  2. Just askin', but why do you close them? :hmm:
  3. So they use money on the site and not Xanth's socks.
  4. Too many can be a bit much. However, beforehand they all had their own colour, but now we reverted it to just a bold username it might be okay to just sell as many as we want.
  6. PM Xanth.
  7. I did and he did not get back to me!
  8. Can I put one on hold Crayola? PP is being a bitch right now for me and won't let me use my CC or bank account with it :upset:
  9. PM him every day until he replies. If he's online, keep PMing him over and over.

    Sure, but we can't hold on forever. But yeah, one can be reserved for now.
  10. Okay. Just to make sure, LeoSapiens is okay with you right?
  11. ENJOY UR STARS! :lol1:

    IS that how you wanted it?
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  12. I love that the stars smile
  13. So you pay that one time or? And I can name it anything? :vince:
  14. Why you leaving team showoff :cornette:
  15. Can I pay with something other than cash? :cornette:
  16. Not a good idea bro. Groups should have prestige.. If you allow too many sales, the prestige will greatly decrease.
  17. One time payment yep, and anything if we approve.
  18. Nah. If I started a group no one would prob wanna join it. lol most people are either nwo or team showoff anyways, at least the regular basis users.
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