GTA / Breaking Bad fans

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  1. Thought some of you guys might like today's design featured at RIPT Apparel. :otunga:


    As seen here (for 24 hours).
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  2. That's....amazing.
  3. Make this game! :yes:
  4. I've always thought certain characters in Breaking Bad would fit right into the Grand Theft Auto universe. Namely Saul Goodman, Tuco and Gus.
  5. Now THAT would be intriguing! :dawg:

    For now we just get shirts, prints and coasters. :okay:
  6. You aren't kidding. The two really do mesh well together. It was a design waiting to happen -- just meant to be. :otunga:
  7. In all honesty they deserve a game. If Walking Dead can get one, so can this. :walter:
  8. :hmm: You do make a good point. Really it'd be awesome if they had a Breaking Bad / GTA themed game.
  9. I approve this game. :walter:
  10. I had a feeling you might. :obama:
  11. Agree with Punk, this would make a much better game than the Walking Dead, you play as Walt Jr and your only goal is to make sure you have a suitable breakfast every day.
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  12. Mission one: Make Walt Jr's. Breakfast.
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  13. Mission succesful.

    Mission two: Ask a cop to buy you alcohol
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  14. Mission Failed.

    Mission 3: Call your dad a..ah...a pussy.
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  15. Mission successful.

    Mission 4: New car? F*** that, more breakfast.
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  16. Mission Successful.

    Mission 5: Call your mom a..ah..a bitch!
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  17. Mission succesful.

    Mission 6: Have your father help you put on your trousers.
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  18. Mission Successful.

    Mission 7: Create
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  19. :lol1: Loving it.
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  20. Mission succesful.

    Mission 8: Marry Lewis.
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